Loud Announcements With Minimal Details

At these weekends, awarded video game awards on Spike TV, where the audience witnessed several loud announcements. In which there was almost nothing interesting, except the announcements and commercials themselves. That, however, does not mean that they (announcements) do not deserve attention.

Martin Tremble (Martin Tremblay), president Warner Bros. Interactive, said that studio Rocksteady proceeded to develop continuation Batman: ARKHAM ASYLUM, Named Batman: ARKHAM ASYLUM 2 – Arkham Has Moved (free translation can mean something like “Circus (Archah) left, and clown (joker) remained”). Trembl expressed deep satisfaction with the success of the first game (our review and video review fully agree with him) and the hope that the second will be released at least not worse. When released. What should happen not soon.

Roller and Announcement 2K Games brought to the attention of the public that Berlin Studio Yager Develops to publisher a shooter from a third party Spec Ops: The Line. The game in the announcement says that it is a “daring and exciting modern military shooter, affecting the issues of moral choice in an ambiguous situation”. Roller demonstrates a deserted city (say, Duba9), hanging on the lanterns corpses and voice reporting atmosphere. It seems that the next variation on the eternal theme is waiting for us whether it is worth killing a butterfly to make the world cleaner. Who will be the world, and who is a butterfly, not yet very clear … The project should be the first independent development of Berliners, have already been engaged in outsourcing, but still not really creating anything.

Finally, advertising teaser Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 She showed a kind of type with a force and two lights (obviously, the first part protagonist), defended on the gladiator’s arena with a monster, reminiscent of the fruit of sin Huzily and King Cong. What is it for?

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