Mafia 2: Tip (Adjust Physx Effects, Increase Performance)

It is better to keep the original APEX folder before starting.
everything is found in Mafia II \ edit \ APEX
Cloth – clothing effects Effects \ Assets – other effects
Mafia II \ edit \ APEX \ Cloth to remove clothing effects only for passers-by, delete everything that begins with B, C, except for ClothRemapTable.xml
to remove all clothing effects delete the Cloth folder
Mafia II \ edit \ APEX \ Effects \ Assets here are some of the most loaded effects,
all Wood – wood chips,
SolidMeshDebris – pieces of concrete on the ground,
all 05_distilery_tlaknadoby – I don’t know for sure, but something is connected with fire, there is no difference at all

Mafia 2: Tip (Adjust Physx Effects, Increase Performance)

all glass – glass effects
To remove some effect, naturally you need to delete the file responsible for it.
In the game settings, turn on Physx high in order to use all non-deleted effects.
Thus, everyone will be able to fit the most juicy picture to their PC without sagging..

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