Mafia: Definitive Edition Will Appear The Level Of Difficulty In The Style Of The Original Game

Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven was a fairly hardcore and realistic game, but her remorse looks, let’s say, easier – the creator of the original Daniel Wavru (Daniel Vávra) upset the arcade physics of the machines and the appearance of exploding barrels. Today 2k And Hangar 13 presented a classic level of complexity that should bring the new game to the original source.

Developers mention the following changes regarding other levels of complexity:

  • Help when driving almost invisible or absent – for example, there are no prompts on the mini card, where and where to turn.
  • Machines are much less durable.
  • Cops pay attention even to small disorders, including travel to a red light or a collision with a parked car. On medium difficulty, the cattle will come down with your hands, and on the classical expert pay a fine.
  • Enemies are aggressive, they apply more damage and are not displayed on the mini card.
  • When recharging all the cartridges remaining in the store are lost.
  • Aid kits restore less health, and regeneration only works until the first 20%.

Hangar 13 emphasizes – the classic difficulty will not do Mafia: Definitive Edition same difficult as the original. According to the authors, the game sometimes was too difficult.

For the passage of the remake at the classic level, the achievement / prize. If you feel that such a hardcore is not for your teeth, you can reduce the complexity in the settings (“achive” in this case, of course, will not give).

Mafia: Definitive Edition will be released on September 25 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1.

If you’re a mafia o.G. Or Just Looking for An Old-School Challenge, Look No Further Than Mafia: Definitive Edition “Classic” DiffiCulty.

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– Mafia: Trilogy (@Mafiagame) August 19, 2020

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