Mafia III: Tip (How to Find All Playboy Covers)

All Playboy magazines in Mafia 3

There are a total of over 160 collectibles hidden in New Bordeaux. To find each of them, you will need to work hard. In this guide, we will take a quick look at the location of all Playboy magazines in each district.

(((Location of all Playboy magazines in New Bordeaux.)))

Delray Hollow District

Four Playboy magazines can be found in the first district of the city..

August 1966

This edition of Playboy Magazine can be found inside the Everyday Laundromat in Delray Hollow. Enter the building and follow the door on the left to enter a separate office. There will be a table on which the issue lies.

August 1964

During the game’s main storyline, you will visit Sammy’s bar. You will need to go down to the basement where the bed is. Before going to bed, take the second issue of the magazine from the dressing table on the left side.

November 1967

Moving through the streets of the Delray Hollow area, look for a small green building. Inside this private cabin, find a table in the living room. It is on this table that another magazine lies.

May 1964

Look for a bar in the area called Double Barrel. Go inside this establishment and at the bar, at the very end, find the latest magazine in Delray Hollow.

River Row District

In the second district of the city, you can find as many as seven issues of Playboy. More about each below!

July 1964

The Bayside Shipping Warehouse in River Row has a warehouse. Go inside and find a desk in an office cage with a magazine on it.

June 1966

To find this collectible, you need to visit the Fresh Crab Shack in River Row. Go to the indicated location and go to the kitchen. Go to the staff room and find the magazine you need on the table.

May 1963

Find the Baby Bear BBQ building in River Row. Go inside and find the next issue of Playboy on the top of the locker.

February 1966

This issue of Playboy magazine is in a large warehouse in River Row. In the back there are stairs and windows. Go inside and go up to the second floor, where the magazine will be located on a wooden table..

May 1966

If you want to get this collectible, you must get inside the building, which you can find when trying to kill “Stitch” during the mission “Trade Union Racket”. The magazine is lying on the floor in the stairwell.

October 1967

Search River Row for slums with small huts. Find a hut with two gardens outside. Go inside to find a magazine lying on the table..

December 1967

Move down the embankment until you find yourself at a house with a porch. Go to the porch to find the magazine on the wooden chair.

Ponte Verdun area

There are a total of 7 Playboy magazines in the third district. Let’s try to find them!

June 1965

This issue of the magazine can be found in Pont Verdun. He lies on a bench overlooking the lighthouse.

August 1967

To find the next issue of Playboy magazine, you will need to do a little work. Walk around the Ponte Verdun area until you see a small green house near a two-story mansion. Go inside it to find a collectible on the table..

November 1965

This Playboy magazine can be found outside the home built under the district freeway. There is a small white table on the side that holds a magazine.

September 1968

The magazine is hidden inside a two-story warehouse. It is on the table near a large open.

August 1965

See a small building near one of the Beavers moonshine distilleries. Inside there is a black sofa on which there will be another Playboy magazine.

October 1965

You will need to enter the territory of the police station in Ponte Verdun. This is where the next collectible is hidden. You can use the Zemi statuettes that Cassandra will give you. They will distract the police. Go to the grounds and find a small trailer. There will be a magazine on the table inside it.

May 1967

The last magazine in this area is on the workbench located in the corner of Burke’s auto-dismantling facility. Go there and find this workbench in the back room. Take the magazine.

Burkeley Mills

A total of four Playboy magazines can be found in this area..

January 1964

Find the large open garage in Burkeley Mills to find the next issue inside on the table. The table is behind a parked truck..

September 1963

Find a small hut at the top of Burkeley Mills. Go inside to find a magazine on the table, in the middle of the shack.

February 1964

The magazine can be found in another house on Burkeley Mills. To find the collectible, you must go to the porch. There will be another issue on the blue table.

November 1963

The latest release in the Burkeley Mills area is at the ranch house that sits atop Burkeley Mills. Go to the back porch to find the item you want.

Downtown area

In Downtown, you can find five Playboy magazines.

January 1967

There is a car service in the center of the district. Go inside and go to the back office, where there is a table with a magazine.

November 1966

To find this issue of Playboy magazine, you need to find the entrance to the sewers. You can get through the tunnel near the Downtown River. To do this, you have to go to the embankment and find the stairs down. This tunnel is labeled on the screenshot. Walk forward until you see various pieces of furniture on the right. On one of the tables, at the bottom of it is a magazine.

June 1967 The next magazine lies under a tree in a flowerbed near the monument in the park. Northeast tree from the monument.

April 1965

The next issue of the magazine is located on the construction site, which is located behind the Shaker’s Jazz Club building. You can get there during the destruction of Kavar’s construction business as part of a story mission. Go inside the office located in the trailer to find the desired magazine on the table.

December 1964

The latest release in this area can be found inside the waterfront garage. Go inside and find the office. There will be a table with a magazine.

Tickfo Harbor area

Five more issues of Playboy magazine can be found at the location. More details below!

October 1968

The first issue of Playboy magazine is located in the Shooter’s Bar. Look for him behind the counter, on the booze cupboard.

July 1967

Find a small two-story depot and go inside to find a magazine on the table.

July 1962

Move to the port and look for a square building on the left side (along the perimeter). You will see a building labeled Bayside Shipping. Go upstairs to find the desired magazine on the roof.

August 1962

Follow again to the port, find the trailer and go inside. Here on the table lies another magazine

May 1965

The latest Playboy issue in the area can be found inside a small trailer on the waterfront. Go inside it and pay attention to the table, where the magazine will be.

Frisco Fields area

Five more issues of Playboy magazine can be found in the Frisco Fields area.

April 1967

Move to the lake and look for a small house with a porch located above the water. Go inside it and find the desired magazine on the floor.

October 1968

Go to Duval Lookout, a Civil War Historic Site in Frisco Fields. Climb the stairs to the large tower to find the next issue of the magazine, at the top of the wall.

March 1967

Find a large two-story building in the Frisco Fields area. The magazine is on a table under an umbrella in the courtyard of this house.

March 1965

A beautiful mansion with stairs can be found in the area. There is a gazebo to his left, right in the yard. Go to the courtyard and find the magazine between several sun loungers.

September 1965

There is a group of small houses in the Frisco Fields area. Go there and examine the shack to find a magazine inside it..

District French Quarter

There are a total of 4 Playboy issues in the French Quarter.

February 1962

Head into the French Quarter and find a beautiful brick house with a shed in the backyard. Go to the barn and find the desired magazine near the chair.

February 1967

Find a house with a green garage. Raise the garage door and find another Playboy episode inside.

April 1961

Follow to the French Quarter two-story warehouse. Inside there is a workbench with a magazine on it.

November 1968

Find a brown house next to a large building. Go to the backyard to find the magazine you need under a canopy in the yard, next to the barbecue.

Southdowns District

Four more magazines are in the Southdowns area..

September 1967

Go to the huge Neil A. Arthur Stadium and go through the main entrance to one of the stands. Climb to the top of the stand and next to the annex, above it, find the first magazine in the area.

March 1968

Note the long green house. Go inside it to find the desired magazine on the locker.

March 1966

You can find the latest Playboy issue at the Pearl Diver Hotel. Go up to the second floor and inspect the rooms, until in one of them on the table near the window, directly opposite the entrance, you will find a magazine.

December 1967

Climb to the roof of three buildings standing close to each other. Use the stairs inside the middle building. At the top there will be a magazine lying on one of the ledges.

Bayou Phantom area

Find the last five magazines in Bayou Phantom.

June 1962

Go to the swamps of the area and find a small hut. Go inside and find the magazine you want.

June 1968

Find a hut located right on the shore, partly in the water, on stilts. Go inside the house to find a workbench with a Playboy magazine.

August 1968

To find this issue of the magazine, you will need to find an old dilapidated shack in Bayou Phantom. When you find yourself inside, then go to the bedroom. The magazine is on the chest of drawers by the bed.

July 1968

There should be a house with a porch on the embankment. The magazine lies on the porch.

March 1962

The last magazine in the area and in general in the game you can find near the house on the embankment. He, like the previous one, should have a porch. The latest issue of Playboy will be on the porch table. \

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