Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven: Tips And Tactics

Want to make fun of gangsters? Then read:
Choose a small city. Going to Caintown, there are two roads to drive to him: Collapse right, and then the blows in a straight line, but you drive it: go to the left and go to Corontown, but you will hover for fencing. Come to the fence, get out of the car go to the stores that are like on the rise.
Turn the face to the road, getting a gun and when there will be a gangster (in a black car there will be two) Strelna, they will not see you, they will not sit down, but on the contrary, they will crash in cars and shoot in passersby. Sit and do not get up, they will not be touched.
R.FROM. When you get tired of getting up and run to your car, and then they will see you. They will come out of the car and start shooting, and you do not miss the none and go! (Such a joke can also be done elsewhere located on the hill).

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