Manhunt: Tips And Tactics

At 16, it is better not to go on foot, killing everyone slowly, but to escape that there is forces, but of course it is not as a psycho, but timely run into the shadow, because there are these s.IN.BUT.T.-sir a lot, for you it will be better.
And even if two opponents were attacked with bitts (blue group), and you with a bat (red group), and you have no exit to run to the shadow, then stand up to the wall and Bates one, when the 1st falls, then brush2nd until he falls, now the 2nd lies, and the 1st just got up can be hitting it (he is enough for the 3rd blows), and now I got up the 2nd imh, too, poured the 3rd blows.
Conclusion: Utybe of 50% of lives and two protigions are dead!

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