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You may remember the flash mob # 10yearschallenge – starting with simple photos “Then now”, it turned into a very funny demonstration of how the world has changed not for the better. But two screenshot from Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story Show that some things over time can only be better if they are engaged in the right company. 10 years after the exit to Nintendo Ds the most successful critics and gamers part of the role series about plumbers and turtles returned – let’s look at it closer.

The last of the turtles

History from the mushroom kingdom are divided into two parts. Those in platformers – primitive and unimportant. Those in RPG – chic stories for children and adults. And in this series, the story turned out to be the most original of all. Because almost at the very beginning of the Bowser (evil dragon-turtle) eats a poisonous mushroom, sucking Mario, Luigi, Princess and a bunch of anyburn and go to digest this all in a remote corner of the country. Meanwhile, a terrible disease is rampant in the kingdom, turning mushroom people into huge balls. Bowser Castles and Princess In the absence of the owners captured alien with a smile of Cheshire cat, and Monsters came to the road ..

A very fun adventure is born of a tragic string. On the way to the salvation of the world, the heroes will face a sudden universe evil (this tradition of the genre in fabulous setting turns out to be more than to the place), but more importantly – they will discuss a bunch of topical topics. Dialogues were always a strong side of RPG from Nintendo, And here they successfully cling the problems of the real world. Here, for example, such a topic as mass zombing through stupid musical shows – please, this is how the antagonist bowes to his side the whole staff of the Bowser Castle. Or excessive aggressiveness of vegetarians when it comes to meat. Or addiction of individual personalities to fatty and unhealthy food – almost in every plot arch beat something interesting.

This is not typical Tales Of or some Xenoblade, Where the eyes and ears are periodically bleeding from the ultrapaphos and the incredible importance of what is happening (with all my love for the specified series). It’s easy and fun here, it is a parody – and she is not outdated in 10 years. Heroes are not particularly developed here in the course of the action (except for the beser, but about it separately), but it is not necessary – Mario & Luigi, started with the fact that the princess swore mate, and the power of evil talked on Leet-slang, always were about humor. Here minus just one – there is no Russian language, although English is very simple.Mario & Luigi: BowSer & Amp; # 39; s Inside Story + Bowser Jr. & amp; # 39; s journey game reviewDo not eat unfamiliar mushrooms in the morning ..

Rich inner world

On the fact that plumbers wandered over the internships of the beezer and interact with the king from the inside, it is almost half the foundation of the game. After poisoning, the villain swallows a bunch of any rubbish, which becomes noticeably weaker, and the pair of usach helps the bower to cope with obstacles. Here is some small bug overlapped the fiery valve – and only the Mario brothers can restore the “skill” of the dragon, removing the insect from the road. Or Bower wants to move a huge stone from the spot – for plumbers turns on a rhythmic mini-game, where it is necessary to pump up the muscle adrenaline. Sometimes it turns out on the contrary – the brothers need to get to any point inside the king, and he already has to help, for example, drinking enough water.

There are a lot of situations, all of them are original and sometimes will make it seek – but no more than necessary. Probably, this is one of the best in the history of Nintendo DS and 3DS examples of using two screens at once. We never have to look in a hurry to watch it there, then here, but the constant alternation of events creates a very interesting rhythm, allows you to switch between platform stages and traditional for the JRPG view “from the ceiling”. Still here are full of mini-games, optional content, and the card itself is very conveniently divided into small sections, so even children do not confuse.

Role-playing system is also incredibly simple. Heroes can equip three objects – armor and two accessories, they have only half a dozen growing on the level of characteristics and minimum of additional statuses. In battles, everything solves not only tactics, but also the reaction. Ordinary enemies will not be able to do anything if you block their attack on time on time (brothers are worn), Bowser’s powder fist or jump over the enemy at all. At the same time, it turns out a very cool thing when the villain swallows the enemy – and he is already fighting with Mario. The scored experience is divided into three, like a good bottle.Mario & Luigi: BowSer & Amp; # 39; s Inside Story + Bowser Jr. & amp; # 39; s journey game reviewIn fights you need to press the buttons in time so that the attack is stronger.

Level 1 srook, Level 35 BOSS

All the wonderful things listed above can be found in other parts Mario & Luigi. In the same Dream Team There are funny dialogs (even in Russian), and switching between two groups of characters, and the battle there is exactly the same. But BowSer’s Inside Story takes his main hero. Unlike comical Mario and Luigi, Bowser – a cool and charismatic man: He behaves like a real boss, inspires his unpleasant wards to feats, and it is here that he is revealed as a deep hero with his quite reasonable aspirations (to power, of course). And in the course of action, he is the only one who passes through the process of a slight change in character – and this is always a sign of good story.

In addition, the fighting “Fichi” king turtles is very brutal. He can add enemies with a flame, so that they will shock most of the battle, can squeeze a bunch of obstacles with a swift, and its special attacks using the touch screen are just space (true, if you play in the public, they look from the sides, they are funny). In general, we are in front of us who for a long time lacked the Mario Universe as the main character, and I absolutely do not understand why for 10 years the king did not make the central character again.

And finally, there are completely magical moments when you need to take a console as a book and on touchscreen to manage a giant bowzer, which crashes no less huge enemies and your own castle. These enclosures of the genre of Kaizhu are steeper than all overlap on a new engine – look the most spectacular, you need to answer on attacks very quickly;Even a pity that there is no separate mode consisting only of these battles. Well, it is very sad that Clear Godzilla will need only a few times, one of which is a very easy training.

Super Smash Bros. For 3DS should look like that!

How the capital has looked at a bowzer

Since we remembered that we have a remake here, let’s pay attention to his quality. The source version was flat and drawn, and the new is completely recycled on the same engine as Dream Team, Paper Jam and remake Superstar Saga, Therefore, do not expect from the schedule of revelations. It should also be said that there are no 60 frames per second, but it does not interfere at all. Another thing that was not brought – stereoscopic image. A little sorry, but 3d has long been an optional thing on 3DS, so there is nothing to be surprised. Still removed the moments when you need to blow into the microphone, but that’s for sure for the better.

It is more important that the new engine brought another style of characters, a little different angle of the camera – and here Inside Story Pierced. Bowser himself, which here in the frame is almost always, looks not so kinderlike and naive, many non-pieces of ordinary characters have been prettier and received additional animations, and the screensavers with polygonal graphics show that 3DS is still not Chinese Tetris, even though it has been.

But the new content in the main game do not wait. If you have already passed along the mushroom kingdom, you can remember everything – even the positions of opponents on the map will remain the same. And so that veterans have an additional incentive to return, the second full-fledged game was added to the kit – Bowser Jr’s Journey. It has its own slot to save, and you can start passing directly with this separate chapter.Mario & Luigi: BowSer & Amp; # 39; s Inside Story + Bowser Jr. & amp; # 39; s journey game reviewImpressive effects here are not, but the overall appearance is always good.

Horse walk … or pig!

But it is still better to take up the “journey of the junior junction” after the main adventure, because in the new game they will explain some details from the main plot. Why a poker was so angry when first came to the Palace of Princess? Where were minions when the aliens captured the King Castle? These and other points will be revealed during the passage. And the player will need to command the haunted army of the younger Bowser in a series of short, but fierce bouts.

I want to call it a strategy or tactic, but also the other here a little. We simply select the necessary detachments of soldiers, put them in the correct formation – the moon, a pig or a wedge – and send the rows of villains. There is a rule in the spirit of the game “Stone, scissors, paper” – flying soldiers are stronger than terrestrial, those easily beat shooting, and the arrows are perfectly knocked off aircraft. At certain points, it is required to command directly on the battlefield – to encourage their own, prevent dangerous enemy attacks, strengthen special attacks of their wards. Everything is very simple.

Between battles it will be necessary to draw the types of construction of soldiers, choose those who are better suited for a new battle, dismiss unwanted, and new recruits select a better role. You can’t die for forever, seven dozen battles will not bring big problems and will not seem to be veterans of something outstanding. Let the tactical gameplay and comes to the subject of the Bowser (he will also appear here) and his minions, but ЖР.’S journey Released quite superficial.Mario & Luigi: BowSer & Amp; # 39; s Inside Story + Bowser Jr. & amp; # 39; s journey game reviewSimplicity does not make a boring game – this is the most important.***
Shortly before receiving a copy BowSer’s Inside Story I passed magnificent Final Fantasy VII And therefore I did not understand a little, why play some other Japanese RPG. But all doubts disappeared after a couple of hours with 3DS and did not return to the last letter of this text. Ten years later, the third part of RPG about the Mario brothers remains the best in his franchise, and on a new engine she just blooms and, in my opinion, looks much more prettier than the original. Everything is good here – from the first jump on a turtle face to the last martial gloves, here is full of mini-games and almost not familiar to the genre of tights with pumping. Well, in addition, you get a pleasant strategy – not the fact that she will like it strongly, but will reveal a little plot moments and accurately be able to entertain.

Pros: Gorgeous use of two screens and interaction between heroes;The combat system without explosion of the brain and role-playing without clock “Grinda”;Merry history for all ages;Bowser is the perfect hero RPG;updated graphics is prettier than on DS;The second game complete is quite good.

Minuses: did not bring 3d and Russian.

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