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The war is not a female face. The war is the tricky and crazy white face of the crazy “krler” with a plasma machine gun, trembling from the fear of the pretty physiognomy of the All-industrialist Plumbing Sniper in a green cap and wild, but the Milician Dinosaur Face, which usually roller Mario. No one ever asked about it, but talents from Ubisoft Made so that the owners of Nintendo Switch now has its own XCOM, with life-giving mushrooms and princess peach. And break me honey bazooka, but this tactic deserves your attention.Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Game ReviewAlthough I passed in English, there is quite high-quality, albeit a bit strange, translation into Russian.

Mario + Rolls = ?

Although many people think that Mario – for children, themes and supply of the material in many parts of the series are quite drawn to the category and for adults too. Somewhere the princess will make swearing explosive mate, somewhere Luigi must overcome their fears, somewhere the villain Bowser shows that he, as Darth Vader, nothing is alien. “Yubisophort” caught just such a tone when they were added to the mushroom kingdom of their fluffy monsters.

Therefore, of course, there are branded lubricants and screaming eared creatures, a little unnatural it’s me, Mario! and other joys for the youngest schoolgroup, but only adult gamers will be able to evaluate quotes from Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan), scenes under Shakespeare (William Shakespeare) and jokes about rising nights of the Living Deads. These pearls draw up a rather bulky story about how a VR gadget was in the world, capable of connecting two things in 1. And he will be on the wild killer. And began to do the inconsistency and generate the same scoring kr … Well, you understood.

However, not all animals got up to the side of evil and liver. Some put “cosplay” costumes and joined the plumber, returning the law and order in the Kingdom covered by chaos. Such a mixed team we have to manage about twenty hours. Perhaps, the plot can be put in guilt what it is not particularly much and he does not replete turns, but the concentration on the gameplay for a step-by-step strategy is the norm.Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Game ReviewI approached the well, and you will not believe, there was damn koll! Johnny, these creatures learned to hide even there ..

XCOM ten-year man

And if as part of the narrative in Mario + Rabbids reigns good madness, the logic of the main process is built clearly. This is not surprising, because we are at the heart of us one of the best games of recent years in our genre. Let and seriously simplified, but XCOM At first, it is felt in every centimeter of local sites for the battle, separated into squares. Our heroes, no more than three, should be skillfully hidden from enemies, rationally use both types of weapons and special skills (analogue overwatch analogue in place), which you need to recharge time.

Each of the fighters falls into their class: Luigi – Sniper, Mario-Kleg – Stormsovik, Rabbit Peach – Medic. Tasks at the stages are also varied: it is necessary to just kill everyone, then accompany the valuable cargo, then destroy a certain number of infinitely arriving enemies. From small cards Ubisoft made excellent tasks, sometimes incredibly smart and requiring non-standard thinking and interaction between the wards.

Unfortunately, tactics are a bit limited to the fact that Mario is obliged to participate in every battle and you need at least one eared partner. But even in this form, this is a very thoughtful game where you need to calculate the moves, otherwise the computer will quickly punish. The result is noticeably affected by the case in the form of special effects of the type of burn or freezing, but after all XCOM The team could panic and lock operation.

The first half of the war for the mushroom kingdom can be held in blitzkrig mode, almost without noticing resistance. In each battle there is a limit of moves to obtain an ideal assessment, with it more money is mined for the purchase of new weapons. So, the battle, where five to six moves are ideal, I managed to finish in two or three. Experienced military leaders will be boring for the first time, but they should understand – many of the audience of this crossover about ten years.Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Game ReviewThe skill tree is present, but it looks more like a karelian birch – small and squat.

XCOM crazy rabbit

And somewhere since the third world, children and accustomed to freebies adult will become hard. Because the game sharply inflicts complexity, produces against our heroes such ugly enemies, like ghosts and Valkiriya, and that those others know how to move to incredible distances and literally arise behind their backs. Overhead, a walk through the green lawn will turn into Stalingrad, where all the strengthening will be blown up, the counter of the moves will become double-digit, and the intermediate “boss” will begin to start a rebound number of times.

Those who do not have the talents of the commander, all these horrors will simply make up the early stages and special tests in search of coins and areas allowing “pumping” skills. The way to attract attention to additional content is a bit of Khamsky, but since the usual stages are beautiful, and the tests are wonderful, the problem is not particularly annoying. After all, it is so great – to kill for four rounds not one predatory kolliels (the very first “halfway”), and immediately three, and even surrounded by immortal carnivorous balls on the chain.

And when there is a small shock from the growth of complexity, you pick up the optimal fighting trinity, “throwing” the necessary “skills” to her and open the secret zones along with all the new prize chests, Mario + Rabbids Begins to seem just the perfect “casual” tactic. Yes, here you can make it easier for yourself, choosing an easy regime, but I don’t want to do this – such satisfaction brings the fights pulled out on princess veins with superior rabbit forces.Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Game ReviewIncreased from the height causes additional damage.

Your base in another castle

If you are waiting for the story about the construction of the castle and the development of new mushroom technologies – then sorry. Between battles, heroes run through linear zones, collect coins, open chests with prizes and solve puzzles. Riddles here do not pull on Myst – until the last stages they are solved in minutes and sometimes even simple prosperity of options. The gradually Robot Assistant Beep-0, driving with our fighters, receives new opportunities – to move boxes, break them and so on – and puzzles become more comprehensive.

Occupying about thirty percent of time, puzzles perfectly complement the main, tactical workout for your brain, but nothing special Mario + Rabbids does not suggest. Of course, during jogging, you can admire the beauty and look for funny scenes with kroll – the world turned out to be saturated and bright. It is better to admire in the console mode – in the format of a portable picture acquires light “Blur” and periodically resets the frame rate.

There is also an indescribable magic soundtrack, combining classic melodies from the Mario Universe and the composition, as if transferred by car time (of course, washing) from the first PlayStation era. Even surprisingly did the game Ubisoft, but not Nintendo, – sensations are exactly the same as from the best works of Japanese Kudesnikov.Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Game ReviewTypical puzzle – simple “spots” or entertainment with switches.***
It’s hard to believe, but the first topping exclusive for Switch has made a third-party studio. Mario + Rabbids Combines all the best that there are Big N AAA projects, as well as a tactical part that will delight both newcomers and veterans of step-by-step battles. The local problems are just as serious, like the rabby themselves, and therefore I recommend you with a clean conscience. I will like to love the smell of Nalalm in the morning, even if you never triggered to the games of this genre.

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