Marvel’S Spider-Man Has Become The First Video Game Where Marvel Approval Sign Appeared

If you watched movies through the universe Marvel, I saw the company’s screensaver – the rapid turning of the comic books, which then goes into the logo. In video games, this video debuted only in Marvel’s Spider-Man – What may mean an important milestone in history Marvel.

Site Fandom talked to James Stevenson (James Stevenson), a community manager in Insomniac Games. According to him, Marvel For the first time in history, allowed a video game to use “Flipbuk” with its logo. Stevenson Compare a screensaver with an official quality mark: Like, when the viewer sees her, he understands that now there will be the most real blockbuster in the spirit Marvel.

According to Stevenson, InsomniaC C. closely collaborated Marvel – The owners of a man-spiderman very closely followed the production of the game. Finally Marvel It was so impressed with the result that I gave an action to action my carefully protected “Flipbuk”.

As remembers Stevenson, Presentation on E3 2018 came out so spectacular that different branches of the comic company became a great deal. Boss Marvel, responsible for the video content, admitted that in principle does not like games, but Marvel’s Spider-Man His struck him, so he is going to purchase PlayStation 4.

Stevenson says that Marvel’s Spider-Man, Most likely, extinguished all Marvel In general, not just a division Marvel Games. And therefore, Marvel will not regret the support of the game. For example, a spiderman from InsomniaC will be part of the SPIDER-GEDDON comic event, where spiders from different universes will face.

Recall: Marvel Games Back in 2016, it was argued that he was going to carefully cry video games with their characters. Perhaps other interactive blockbusters will appear, which are so cool that “Flipbuk” turns in the initial screensaver Marvel.

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