MarZ: Tactical Base Defense: Tip (Edit files (Life, radius, gun power, no soldiers), adjust turrets)

Hello everyone !!! In this game you can adjust the turrets !!! Right-click on the shortcut, – next (properties), – next (file location), – next (MarZRising_Data), – next (StreamingAssets), – next (Main ), then – (data), then there will be three inscriptions of difficulty levels (walking on mars, challenging, nerves of steel). For example, let’s take the easiest level – walking on mars (walking on mars), then (DBDefence)

DBDefence -opened by any editor (for example ,, notepad ,,)

Take MACHINEGUN_1 for example, then edit the turret life, it was

“id”: “_Health”,
“value”: 110.0     

And if you add zero, it will be 

“id”: “_Health”,
“value”: 1100.0 This is how we edit all turrets

This “id” value: “_MaxRange”, is responsible for the radius of the turrets (change the number) and the turret will hit further!!!

This is the “id” value: “_FireStrength”, the power of the turret (you can put it so that no one will approach you (but not so interesting)

This “id” value: “_CrewRequired” is responsible for the presence of a soldier in the turret (change to 0.0) and you will be happy

in (DBDefence) all turrets are listed, as well as their upgrades – do not miss changing the values!!!!!

If you want to edit another level, for example middle, select the -challengingBnu folder and the most difficult -nerves of steel

Thank you !!! And the ending of the game is bad.

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