Mass Effect 2: Council (Complete List of Achievements)

1) “Missing person” (5G). The first achievement in the game, awarded for completing the first mission.
2) “Mod” (5G). Awarded for changing the appearance of Shepard’s armor.
3) “Very ghostly” (10G). Opens immediately after talking with the Ghost.
4) “The Scribe” (15G). Just open 15 articles in the code.
5) “Archangel” (10G). Persuade the Archangel to join the squad.
6) “Professional” (15G). Watch all tutorial videos.
7) “Ruthless” (10G). Make 20 enemies scream from being burned or dropped.
8) “Bounty Hunter” (10G). Shoot 30 headshots into the heads of the Humanoid Race.
9) “Professor” (10G). Persuade Mordin to join the squad.
10) “Scientist” (10G). Complete any research on the Normandy.
11) “Geologist” (5G). Get your first minerals.
12) “Operative” (15G). Complete the mission found on anomaly.
13) Krogan (10G). Persuade Grant to join the squad.
14) “Criminal” (10G). Persuade Jack to join the squad.
15) “Colony Defense” (25G). Complete the mission on Horizon
16) “Father’s Ghost” (10G). Earn Jacob’s Loyalty.
17) “Handyman” (15G). Unlock any skill.
18) “Prodigal Daughter” (10G). Complete Miranda’s Loyalty Mission.
19) “Technician” (15G). Get 10 Technology Upgrades.
20) “Hired Assassin” (10G). Persuade Thane to join the squad.
21) “Justicar” (10G). Persuade Samara to join the squad.
22) “Quorian” (10G). Persuade Tali to return to the squad.
23) “Ghost Ship” (25G). Complete a mission in an abandoned collectors ship.
24) “Going into darkness” (10G). Win the Archangel’s Loyalty.
25) “Medicine” (10G). Complete Mordin’s Loyalty Mission.
26) “Friend or Foe” (10G). Uncover Geth Technology.
27) “Cat’s Cradle” (10G). Complete Thane’s Loyalty Mission.
28) “Explorer” (10G). Visit all planets in an unexplored cluster.
29) “Mission Completed” (125G). Beat the game on any difficulty.
30) “Madness” (75G). Beat the game on Insane Difficulty.
31) Medal of Loyalty (75G). Complete the game twice, or with a character imported from the first part.
32) “Lover” (50G). Successfully complete a love line.
33) “Suicidal mission” (50G). Use the gate “Omega 4”.
34) “Against all odds” (15G). Survive a suicidal mission.
35) “We do not abandon our own” (75G). Prevent the death of any of the crew on the collectors ship.
36) “High High Player” (10G). Defeat the thresher.
37) “Rebel” (10G). Shoot 20 enemies while they are stunned by the blow. (Advice: Turn on adrenaline and run up to an enemy with less than half of their lives, hit him with the butt and finish off with a pistol.)
38) “Arson Specialist” (15G). – Burn the armor of 25 opponents (Hint: For such purposes, take Mordin, reduce the armor to almost the minimum and set it on fire.)
39) “Weapon Master” (15G). Kill an enemy with each of the 5 heavy weapons.
40) “Reboot Wizard” (15G). Reload the shields of 25 enemies (Hint: Take Miranda on the hunt for such an achievement, she will help you)
41) “Tactician” (10G). Hit 20 enemies with biotic combinations (Hint: Take the Jacob / Miranda / Jack / Samara team with you. Also, Shepard’s additional biotic skill (for example, you can take Miranda’s skill) will not be superfluous.
42) “Deformation Specialist” (15G). Deform 25 enemy barriers.
43) “Agent” (50G). Complete 5 side missions with researched anomalies.
44) “Strong player” (10G). Earn Level 30 with One Character..
45) “Division of Property” (10G). Win the loyalty of the Legion.
46) “Medicine” (10G). Earn Mordin’s Loyalty.
47) Treason (10G). Earn Tali’s loyalty.
48) “Warrior” (10G). Earn Grant’s Loyalty.
49) “Twin” (10G). Earn loyalty to Samara.
50) Catharis (10G). Earn Jack’s Loyalty.
51) “Revenge” (15G). Earn Zayed’s Loyalty.
52) “Break, blind and destroy” (15G). Earn Kasumi’s Loyalty.

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