Mass Effect 3 – Advice (Hero and Renegade Points Increase)

1. Unpack the file Coalesced.bin by the Gibbed.MassEffect3.Coalesce program. (create folder Coalesce)
2. Go to the file 05_biogame
(Better use Not Pad)
3. Click the search button
4. Enter the word “paragon”
5. Finding the word and its meaning
6. Multiply the value by 2 – 3 and change it
7. Do it with all the words
8. Enter the word renegade in the search
9. Do as with paragon
10. Save the file
11. Pack the Coalesce folder with the Gibbed.MassEffect3.Coalesce program.
12. Launch your save game and we are completely heroes
If we start a new game, we will be with big renegade points and full hero points.
Good luck

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