Mass Effect 3 will be reborn

Mass Effect 3 will be reborn
And we are not about the ending. BioWare Announced the first DLC for multiplayer regime Mass Effect 3. And it is called “Revival”. Free addition will delight players:

– Two new cards: “Condor” – Avolanpost on the Moon of Falave;”Hydra” – an abandoned colony of kvarians.
– new characters: Justicear Azari, class ADEPT;Martial Master of Krogan, class of attack aircraft;Batarian, class soldier;Batarian, Class of Guard;Geta, class engineer;Geta, Scout class.
– New weapons: Striker’s assault rifle;Garpoon rifle “Kishshok”;Plasma Pistol-machine guns.
– new modifiers: improvement improvement;Aiming Vi;Stabilization module;Charging a shield.

Will be released “Revival” April 10.

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