Mass Effect: Tips And Tactics

From the satellites with whom we constantly walk a little bit, and often they interfere with the climb climb or doubt you. From bionics and technicians a sense in battle is not very much, you need to manually turn on their skills and the skills very slowly recharge, so I discovered that the most effective to take into the Persian team with a shot at Maxisum sniper and Persian with a shotgun, shoot although not veryaccurately, but it is constantly and no need to turn on by hand, and at the end of the game, putting them cartridges with the name “Snowstorm”, which reduce rapidity by 40%, they also never overheat.

And even to earn more exp on, you need to play for a technique or a mixture of technique with bionics and pumping the skills of electronics and decryption, it will allow you to crack all drawers and fallen probes. For example, playing a soldier by the end of the game, having passed all the quersels, which only found, on all the planets scored the 45th level, and for the 50th bionics technique, besides, selling all the weapons, found in hacking boxes by the end of the game scored9999999 money, then even the countertility does not count.

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