Mass Effect: Tips And Tactics

A few more secrets.
1. Reach the 60th level is extremely difficult. For this, there is one trick – you need all enemies if possible to pour from small arms without using Maco. The only exception is the throat, although with due skill and sink it is not a problem. Experience for such murder give 2-3 times more.
2. Quest with Dr. Michelle Come before telling Admiral Kahoku, that they discovered a group of his missing scouts. Otherwise, the admiral will find out who is responsible for this, and you will see it in the future only dead, on one of the databases “Cerper”, and without learning who Baines.
3. The “heroic” Perse is worth downloading only the conviction, the “apostate” – only intimidation. Discounts given in stores with these skills, do not be summed up. And in general, these skills make it possible to more efficiently resolve quest situations (on the number of experience, the type of skill does not affect), as well as in the final to avoid one of the fights with Sarne.
4. The most necessary skills in biotics – rise, throw and singularity (pull out the hidden enemies due to shelter), technicians – sabotage, overload and hacking.

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