Mass Effect: Tips

There is not much sense from the satellites with whom we constantly go, and often they interfere even more, climb under the sight or hammer at you. There is not very much sense in combat from bionics and technicians, you need to constantly manually turn on their skills and skills recharge very slowly, so I found that the most effective thing is to take a Persian with a sniper pumped to the maximum and a Persian with a shotgun into the team, they shoot, although not very exactly, but on the other hand, they do not need to be able to manually switch them on all the time, and at the end of the game, by putting them cartridges with the name “snow storm”, which reduce the rate of fire by 40%, and their guns never overheat.

And yet, in order to earn more exp, you need to play as a technician or a mixture of a technician with a bionic and pump electronics and decryption skills, this will allow you to hack all boxes and fallen probes. For example, playing as a soldier by the end of the game, having passed all the questes that I could find, on all planets I got the 45th level, and for the bionics technician the 50th, besides, selling all the weapons found in the cracked boxes by the end of the game I got 9999999 money, then even the counter does not count.

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