Mechanoids: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

If you are tired of saving credits in the first two sectors, then upon arrival in the third sector of the Arctic, find the Secondary Base of the Structure of Change, then enter the clans menu and join their organization (subject to the conditions of entry), and you will be given 5000 credits. Well, if 5000 credits are not enough for you, then leave this organization and join again (note: in order not to suffer after joining, click on the “Entry” tab “Change structure” and leave the organization, similarly to join), so you can collect as many credits as you want, by the way, in the Plains sector, find the base of the first (advice: look along the roads in the north of the map) there is the fastest glider and it is very expensive so collect more credits of about 500,000 🙂

If you have a slow glider and you dream of flying at a speed of 700 or 800 km / h, then you need to: Turn on the 3D view (F2) and raise the nose of the glider as much as possible. All!

If in the Tundra sector you are tortured to carry out the task of the climate activator, where you need to carry out the gravitational platform to the specified point, then fly with it to the charging platform, which is located nearby, save in it. Then load the saved game and voila: the platform has disappeared, now you can safely move to the specified point and back for the reward.
P.S. If on the way back you see this very gravitational platform, then do not pay attention to it;)

If you do not know how to achieve a high rating level better and faster, then here is my advice: Take the explosives from the consumables factory to the nearest charging pad (It is very close).

In order to get from the tundra sector to the Arctic without gaining 5 levels, after installing the quantum translator, you need to fly again to the “Super Obelisk” – it will give the “go-ahead” to the transition.

At the very beginning, you need to pay 10,000 (with kopecks), if you can fly through the mountains skillfully, then everything is done with the first engine (it is issued at the 1st base). We fly out of the base for the first task, having arrived at the place, we turn to the tunnel, that to the right of you (when leaving the building) we fly there, but do not enter the tunnel (THIS IS NOT A TUNNEL OF THE TRANSITION !!!) there we will see a slide as I climbed on it I don’t remember, but the essence is this: you need to cross the mountains somewhere, where Mona will then climb, in my opinion this is north-west-west. so, we fly at the edge of the map, and there are LOTS of LOST CONTAINERS !!! having flown around the whole map around (do not fly into white, it will kill !!!) we climb back (I did it with afterburner) then fly to the places where our containers are needed. I’m there some kind of fenyu podimat of a thousand for 3 advice to hunters for mechanoids: bring down the dudes from the clan “hunters” and join the clan invaders. hunters have a lot of mechanoids on them. I personally took off 9 pieces from one of them. It is worth joining the invaders for at least one reason: they will stop touching you, but they walk three or three, the threat is serious. and the style of passing I liked the hunters: walk yourself, cut whoever you want.

If you want to have a freebie, then don’t put any patches on the game! Patch 1.02 removes both acceleration when lifting the nose of the glider, and freebies on the secondary base of changes! True, there are many positive changes too, the game is going much better – so it’s up to you. Patch 1.04 contains all the changes from 1.02, so for freeloaders it also disappears.
P.S. Saves from games of different versions do not always work adequately, be careful!

As soon as you get a pass to the swamp sector, and you have enough money, buy yourself devil wings and multi-organic armor, now both the armor and the glider will regenerate themselves over time, this will save money on repairs. But if there is enough money for repairs, then the best glider is a phoenix, you can buy it at the main base of limiters in the swamps.

Quickly drop all tasks and fly with a rocket: Go to the Volcano sector to the processing plant and buy some equipment there (not related to the glider) and you can sell it for 600 cr more here and so you can buy and then sell endlessly.

AI specifically dulls at long distances, and this can be used. If you need to soak a few cool peppers, then you can stand on some hill away from them (it is desirable that there is something like an abyss between you) and shoot with rockets or bombs. For example, I flunked the leader of the Wild in the volcano zone. It’s not fair, but sometimes there is no other way.

If you need to make money, fly to the Arctic sector and go to the base of variables, join their clan (+5000), and then leave the clan, and thus you can earn as much money as you want.

In the Rocks sector, fly up to the semi-finished product factory and climb up the mountain near the turret and you will see a purple dot on the mini-map, go down to it and pick up a container. Then return to the Main Base the same way, and there sell this container, which will contain a cryotron, which will cost 1800 (with kopecks) – this is a good way to make money at the very beginning. And yet, when you are given the opportunity to destroy a dude from the Arctic sector at the Main Base of the Rocks sector, then fly up to him and collect containers and mechanoids after the gliders that he sailed. And when you get tired of it, slap it!

When you open the 2nd sector (tundra), then fly into the passage tunnel and start alternately moving from one sector to another (move about 20 times). After each move, all items on the map will be multiplied by 2.

P.S. Does not work with patches.

These are the tips for playing Mechanoids. Here I will explain some of the basics of the game and give tips for survival. Let’s start from the very beginning.

You appear in a building called the Assembly Shop. You are the only mechanoid of the perfect, unique in its kind, fifth generation mechanoid. You differ from other mechanoids in that you can choose your own target. Other generations have one goal for all – perfection.
A little about buildings. There are a lot of buildings in the game. Each building has its own function. You must remember – when the yellow inscription “Protected zone” is blinking on the screen, it is better not to pretend to be cool. One shot from any weapon, and you will be hit by the first number from the guard turrets. Turrets have very powerful projectiles that do double damage. The blow falls simultaneously on the energy shield and on the armor. Therefore, it is better not to wag. Whatever your glider is, believe me, even zero armor will not save you.

The assembly shop will give you a short task – to fly to the main base and get the standard equipment. The base is located right next to the workshop. Already outside you will immediately find a crowd of mechanoids, similar to beetles. These are representatives of the most numerous clan in the sector of rocks – the Transes. Don’t be afraid of them. These are merchants and they will not attack you. The difference between other “mechs” is that they can be combined into groups. If you attack one, others will attack you. Take a look around. You see a location called “Rocks Sector”. There are only burnt trees, sand and rocks around. The weakest ‘Mechs’ live in this sector. Let’s continue with the base. After flying to the base, you will receive the following equipment: type 1 energy shield, standard armor, an atomic cannon, a standard engine, a standard reactor, and a special device that only you have. This device may not be sold or discarded. The device number “1” is used. It creates a kind of field around you that accelerates time outside. During use, the glider cannot move and shoot. It takes time to turn off the device, so do not use it during combat.

A little about the bases. All bases look the same, as do the other buildings. You will soon learn to identify a building by its appearance. At the bases, you can repair the glider, as well as buy missiles, a new cannon, armor, an energy shield, or even a new aircraft.

A little about gliders. Gliders differ in type and standard. There are four standards and four types in the game. The standard is responsible for the characteristics of the glider. You have the first standard. The cheapest and weakest of all. The higher the standard, the better the glider stats and the more powerful the weapons you can use. Types are what separates gliders. You have a basic glider type. This means that all of its characteristics are more or less balanced. Glider “Piranha”, for example, is of the “attacking” type. This means that the glider has increased armor and maneuverability, but rather low speed. There are also “high-speed” and “cargo” types. High speed gliders have high speed and very small hold. An ideal choice for couriers. Trucks have increased speed and hold size, but at the same time they are extremely clumsy.

On a basic glider, you can experiment with the Path. The path is how you make money and rank. There are two paths: the path of war and the path of the merchant. Each has its own pros and cons. The path of a merchant is profitable in all respects, but it is necessary to look for profitable ways to earn money and have a sickly patience. In short, trading is boring. But to fight is quite the opposite. War brings a lot of rating, but money will have to be saved by completing tasks.

Do you want to make good money quickly and honestly? And at the same time dig up the rating? We join the clan of Trans or Carapaces. It is easier to join the Transam (2 ratings and a base or cargo glider), but the Carapaces have a greater discount. After that, we fly to the resource base of the Arctic (if you have one open). There we buy the resource “KRYOTRON” (Prices are somewhere between 650 and 700, depending on which clan you are in). We fly to the Volcanoes sector (If open). There we are looking for a complex of Tracking stones (From the tunnel of the passage straight ahead, then to the left, we pass by the turn, at the fork we fly to the right, and then we turn to a large structure) If you are allowed into the complex, we climb into the trade window and sell them a cryotron at 2400 apiece.

After the sale of the cryotron in the volcano sector, we fly to a processing plant in the same sector and buy nuclear fuel, then fly to the Arctic and sell it there, a lot of money is earned.

In the Arctic sector, fly to the resource base. There, buy gas mixture “to the eyeballs” and fly to sell to the test complex to the Narguns. From five containers sold, approximately 1000.

You can earn a lot of money, for this you need to fly to the Hills sector, to the Consumables Factory and buy as many Large Energy Condensers as possible (one costs about 1750 EC), then fly to the Desert sector to any main base and sell (for 6500 ).

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