Mechanoids: Tips And Tactics

At the very beginning, the monastery is 10000 (with kopecks), if you skillfully fly in the mountains, it means that everything is done with the first engine (it is issued on the 1st base). Fly from the base to the first task, coming to the place turn on the tunnel, which to the right of you (when you fly out of the building) we fly there, but we do not get into the tunnel (this is not a transition tunnel!!!) We will see a hill there, I don’t remember at her, but the essence is: you need to pass through the mountains where the thread, where the mona will then climb, in my opinion it is north-West. So, we fly at the edge of the card, and there dofiga lost containers!!! Wearing the entire card around (do not fly onto white, kill!!!) We climb back (I did the foressen) then flying in places where our containers are needed. I’m there some kind of a phenomena of a patch for 3 Council Hunters for Mechanoids: Carrying dudes from the Hunter clan and join the clan invaders. Hunters have a lot of mechanid on them themselves. I personally removed the pieces 9. At least for the invaders should be joined by one reason: they will stop you stop, and they walk away, the threat is serious. And I liked the passage of the passage at Hunters: Go myself, Ruby who did.

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