Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Advice (Any resolution, draw range, field of view (fov), correct opening of all medals)

I think many people faced the problem of setting the screen resolution in MoH: AA, since it did not have either 1920×1080 or 1366×768 (for example). I have made a ready-made solution to this problem. The archive contains a file with maximum settings (newconfig.cfg) and a file with a resolution of 1920×1080 (unnamedsoldier.cfg). If you need a different resolution, change seta r_customWidth and seta r_customHeight to the desired values. Installation: throw the folder from the archive into the game directory with the replacement of files.

Now about the draw distance and field of view (fov). To change the drawing distance, you need to write r_farplane {desired value} in the console (without brackets). To change the field of view accordingly fov {desired value}. I recommend 106, which is just right for a widescreen monitor. One thing: r_farplane needs to be driven every time you start the game, and fov – at each level (saving in the process of passing the level fov remembers). To prevent the drawing distance from being reset when the field of view is changed, add “+ set developer 1 + set thereisnomonkey 1 + set cheats 1 + set ui_console 1” (without quotes) to the “Object” field of the game label. Example under the spoiler.


Correct opening of all medals:

Medal 1: in The Rescue Mission, the second agent imprisoned must be released and he must stay alive until the end of the mission.
Medal 2: in the boat during the mission Scuttling The U-529, you need to pick up the manifest lying on the table in the bow of the boat.
Medal 3: complete the Omaha Beach mission.
Medal 4: in the mission The Command Post you need to blow up two “Royal Tigers”. Explosives location – second estate (house in the middle), second floor to the west, the very last room along the corridor.
Medal 5: in the Sniper’s Last Stand mission, all three tankers must stay alive.
Medal 6: in the mission Storming Fort Schmerzen it is required to keep alive at least five of the nine rangers under sniper fire at the beginning of the level.
Medal 7: complete the last campaign on easy difficulty.
Medal 8: complete the last campaign on medium difficulty.
Medal 9: complete the last campaign on hard difficulty (for the lazy – for passing the last level).

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