Metro 2033: Tips (Tips and tactics for the game)

Some interesting tips for completing missions:
1. Mission outpost.
This area can be traversed much faster and easier than it might seem at first glance. And you can do without bloodshed at all (for the supporters of a more humane method). Start. We get out of the tunnel, simultaneously listening to the funny chatter of the German soldiers. Immediately after leaving, we go to the right, and there is a staircase behind the wooden booth, along which you can cheerfully and without straining go upstairs. Then we go up the steps – we see a booth in which a couple of suckers are sitting, you can not touch them. When we reach the place where the poor Fritz was beaten by the flying bastard, in the fence you can see a hole, skillfully covered by some kind of bushes. You can go there. Further, everything is clear. Excavator, on the bucket, along the pipe to the roof, inserted the cassette, went down the map from the other side of the building, etc..
2. Book depository.
There is an interesting feature here. Not all librarians are aggressive (I never touched the black ones). The trick is that if you have the courage to let the librarian close to you (and not put it in your pants), you can make sure that he is not aggressive enough, although he starts to growl and grin unpleasantly. So, when this happens, you can quietly crawl aside, and he will lag behind. The main thing is not to anger him, if he immediately rushes at you with his fists, madly firing him right in the disgusting face (it goes well with the shotgun), while not forgetting to run away and efficiently maneuver around the columns) The first one can be thrown under the ass of dynamite … when we rise higher, then the killing should be carried out in a constant run through the pits, and when the monster slows down to jump over, mercilessly shoot again in the face.
There are a few more interesting things, although I think they are already more individual for each individually..

It is impossible to run away from librarians, it is impossible to hide from them, there is only one single and proven way – to beat them by any means. Having reached the elevator, we observe a spectacular battle between the demon and the librarian. A new species of these creatures appears in the basement – a tanned librarian. He is faster and more tenacious.

Complete lies. We must listen to Miller, he will explain everything. You can also read a book – it also says it all. And for those who are deaf (no sound technology;)) and have forgotten what books are (who did not buy the first book “Metro 2033” :)), I will explain. See this creature, direct your gaze to her eyes. It opens the mouth – we move back, but do not take our eyes off. Soon the creature crawls away.

On the “War” level, on the way under the front, when we rise on the side of the fascists, in the room (before the exit on the way) there is a pneumatic weapon that shoots arrows. A very handy thing, because arrows can be pulled out of bodies again and again!

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