Metro – Last Light: Tip / Hint (Magazine Locations)

1. Hall with water mills. At the end of the hall there is a control room with a radio station and a switch on the left that opens the gate. Opposite the switch is a room. Here in it lies a note on the table.

1. As soon as you go up to the train with the red one, the first folder will be on the right in the web.
2. As soon as you reach a closed door with an electric lock and Pavel tells you to go to power the door with electricity, walk in a straight line until the first turn to the left, there will be a corpse, and in your hands is the last magazine on this lock.

1. As soon as you leave the tunnels, the first folder will be on the table on the left.
2. After the video about the falling plane, we go to Paul. To his left is a magazine.

1. As soon as you are allowed to enter the station, do not look behind the curtain on the shelf for a magazine.
2. On the bench, at the entrance to the theater, immediately after the end of the shopping arcade.

No logs.

The revolution
Hint: as soon as you leave the first room and clear the red ones, do not rush down the stairs. Instead, walk along the edge of the ruined staircase and climb up the rubble. There will be a safe with a bunch of bullets waiting for you.
1. The first magazine is waiting for you on the table, as soon as you go down the stairs, in the next room, where there are a lot of lockers.
2. Do not rush to reach the goal. As soon as you kill everyone in the workshop with the train, find the ventilation, you can see it by the burning lamp. By ventilation you will get to the auto repair shop, from there to the gunsmith. And as soon as you exit the gun, there will be a folder immediately to the right on the bookshelf.
2.1. You can also go to the folder in a different way, from the locomotive shop. Find at the end of the workshop the lever that opens the gate and go through the bedroom to the treasured folder. If you face the darts (shooting range), then the folder is on the right.
3. On the table next to the plot switch. In a location with polluted air.
4. As soon as you climb through the fan and go downstairs about the stairs, there will be two red ones, there are boxes next to them, on them cartridges and the last magazine. Here the mask can be removed.

Hint: how to reach the first fork in Regina, change direction and hit the obstacle on the right with a railcar.
1 . As soon as you reach the faulty railcar on Regina, turn around to face Regina’s rear and push the broken railcar with your nose. An office space awaits you in the first aisle. In the second, a meeting with ghosts. And we need a third passage – a green basement. Just at the end of this basement there will be a cherished magazine, next to the corpse.
Hint 2: There are 2 arrows in this basement. The first one is at the entrance to the pillar, above the mushrooms. Second in the dung heap, at the end next to the magazine.

1. As soon as you pass through the green tunnel, you will see a red light and a passage on the right. It has a toilet, and the first magazine is at the right push. This is in front of the place where the bandits are on both sides (train on the left, bunker on the right)
2. At the fork with signs, turn to the “Abandoned station”, do not miss him on the ominous skull at the entrance and a terrible passage with a bunch of corpses. In the torture chamber, a dead man sits on a chair, and behind him is a table with a folder.

Dark waters
1. The folder lies in front of the very nose, on the raft.

1. As soon as you pass the fish rows, you will see the stairs up, where your boatman sits at the table, to his left on the box there is a note.
2. After striptease, go downstairs and pick up the second folder on the spider aquarium.
Hint: to get a bear for a girl, you have to win three times in the shooting range.

1. At the gas station, opposite the story canisters.

1. In the big house at the start. Climb up to the second floor. In one apartment there is a night vision device, and in the second there is a folder and an audio recording is being played.

1. There are no magazines

1. Pass the plundered shops and immediately to the left. As you go up to the second floor, there will be a drive, at the end of it there is a magazine.

1. After the disinfection procedure, together with the colonel and the doctor, on the right next to the computer.
2. After you have passed the kitchen and the checkpoint, Khan goes to the left and knocks on the door, and in the meantime you go to the right for the magazine.
Hint: As soon as you pass the crowd of civilians and enter the next room, wait for the door to close behind you and examine the ammo cache that was outside the door.
The second cache is right there, right after 3 cranes in the sewer is a green trailer. It has a hole through which you can take cartridges. There is a skull sign next to the hole.
There are two wheels leaning against this carriage, go through them and immediately to the right in another carriage, in a similar hole there is a third cache.
Go through the burning barrel and find the last cache in the next green carriage.

1. As soon as Khan jumps into the small canal, do not follow him, but go straight, there will be a magazine around the left turn.

1. Folder in the first car.

1. As soon as you run on the ice, go up and to the right under the bridge, there will be the first magazine.
2. After falling from the train, you swim out onto the ice floe, there will be a sunken ship in front, and a note on its bow.

1. Go through the entire area with rain and when in front of you there is an escalator and a dry zone, there will be a door on the left, and there is a magazine.

1. Climb the stairs and see a journal. To take it walk through the showers.

Dead city
1. At the start, enter the left story house, the first door to the right is the one you need. There in the room there is also a table covered with a red tablecloth. Here and the folder lies.
2. On the roof, in a nest guarded by a winged one. PS: Do not kill mother, otherwise the black one will cry)

Red Square
1. Immediately at the start on the left in the niche.
2. After you go around one of the towers and jump down, you will see how one of the creatures ran into the tunnel, follow her. You will find yourself in the Kremlin and at the coffin with V.I. Lenin will find the last entry.

1. No log found.
2. You crawled out of the hole and watched the screen saver with a tough pig, just to the left of the hole is a corpse with a magazine.

1. Immediately after cleaning at the entrance, lies on the sofa.

1. To the left of the weapons store
2. After destroying the tank and regrouping, we find a folder on one of the boxes.

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