Microsoft Manager: Probably Multiplatform Games On Xbox Series X Will Be Loaded As Quickly As On Ps5

One of the main advantages of PlayStation 5 over Xbox Series X from a technical point of view is a higher SSD bandwidth: 5.5 GB / C against 2.4 GB / C respectively. However, this does not mean that downloads in multiplatform games on the console Sony will be faster than on the console.

About this in the podcast of Iron Lords told Bill Stillwell (Bill Stillwell) – In the past, Xbox veteran, and now software manager Microsoft, Mixed Reality Technology. At the same time, he noted that he expresses his own opinion, and does not speak from the face of the company.

According to him, multiplatform developers are important that their games are sold well on both next generation consoles, and therefore you need to smooth all the differences between the prefixes, without sacrificing quality. Therefore, developers will probably have to resort to hectares to level the download speed – for example, in some locations on XSX there may be invisible loads.


Stillwell also recognizes that Sony achieved impressive results in his work on its solid-state drive, but in general it considers iron XSX more advanced. They say, there are weaknesses from everyone, so developers will have to adapt to both consoles.

In addition, you should not forget that the multiplatform most often comes out on PC, where SSD is not yet optional and strongly inferior on PS5 and XSX. All the possibilities of a particular console, as usual, can be seen only in exclusions from the internal studios of platform containers.

In addition, the download speed on PS5 may not be changed at all compared with the previous generation – this version was expressed by the technical director Remedy, Referring to the fact that the games will start using more data thanks to the increased power of nextgen.

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