Microsoft Wants Steam And Other Sites To Appear In The Windows 11 Store

In parallel with the launch of Windows 11, the rules for publishing applications in the built-in operating system store. Microsoft makes his platform more open – up to the point that Steam and other third-party sites may appear there.

Windows is largely and so acts as a platform for these stores. If we can lay out them in the Microsoft Store, then why not? Of course, it means that if others want to come to Microsoft Store, we will only be happy. We invite everyone and therefore we change some of our rules.

Windows boss team Panos Panay (Panos Panay) in the interview The Verge.

From Microsoft Store make a universal platform that will be the main place to download all Windows applications. There are going to resolve the “appa” formats Win32, UWP and so-called progressive web applications. Ideally, in Microsoft Store, you can find and download any program, it is divided by its aspirations Panay.

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Of course, there is a nuance! From July 28 Microsoft cease to take his commission in the Microsoft Store if the program loaded there holds payments through third-party services. However, this does not concern video games, confirmed Microsoft In another commentary for The Verge.

But how will this affect the stores? Will be Microsoft require an additional commission with Valve For each transaction from Steam copies in Microsoft Store? There is no answer to this question yet. Microsoft already announced that Windows 11 will support mobile store from Amazon – The new OS can run applications for Android. The commission status of these relations is also not clear to the end.

Recall that on August 1 in the Microsoft Store will decrease the commission from sales of PC games – up to 12%, as in Epic Games Store. At the same time for Xbox games, the share of deductions in favor Microsoft Does not change yet.

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