Might and Magic 6 / The Mandate of Heaven: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

Another trick I discovered during the passage of the MM6 Collector’s Edition from Buka (patched). Not sure what will work in other versions.
So, all scrolls that require specifying a character target (for example, Heal Wounds, but not Powerful Heal) or an enemy target (almost all attacking and weakening enemies) work incorrectly if they are thrown with the right button on the character’s face. Instead, throw it at the character’s doll on the right, then click on the target (if the target is a character, you can press 1-4). Voila! The spell worked, and the scroll survived. Cool thing – “Sunbeam” and “Dragon Breath” scrolls. The only pity is that “City Portal” and “Lloyd’s Lighthouse” disappear.

I noticed one interesting thing. There’s a training room in Smuggler’s Bay where I first discovered THIS. So so, fly to the roof of this hall with the help of the “Fly” spell, and you will see the wooden top of the post, in the middle of the roof. Try to fly to exactly above this column, well, soar above it. While still in the “Fly” spell, press the “down” button, well, get down straight for a short post. So, in theory, the heroes should stand on a post, but instead they begin to descend into the building! The heroes do not enter the building with someone to chat, but go down inside! It shocked me! I tried it on other buildings, for example a temple (in the same area), the same effect. But! This trick only works with buildings with a peaked roof (the spire of a tower for example)! Remember this! On a flat roof, this number will not work! I do not yet know whether monsters will also fall into this building or not. Surely monsters will not be able to get to you, like all the magical rubbish they throw; and you can get them, Well, in short: they cannot get into you, but you will get into them by any.

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