Might & Magic: Heroes 6: Advice (How to quickly pump a dynasty weapon)

As every M&M: H6 license holder knows that dynasty weapons do not gain experience as quickly as they would like. Even completing the campaign entirely for the heroes of strength on high difficulty did not allow me personally to fully pump Arachne. Earlier, when the game was even more or less fresh, there were some options for fast leveling, among which was pumping on the Conflux website and creating maps in the editor with huge armies of skillful creatures and defeating them, but the site is not working now, and the developers have fixed the second method … I just came across my own method during the campaign for Anton the Magician. So what needs to be done:

1. First you need to download the trainer. Anyone but recommend from FLiNG, as it has all the necessary functions.

2. Start playing the campaign. A level is needed with a lair of neutrals, we will call them dungeons. Among them – a pyramid, a barbarian camp and other places where monsters have settled and who can be knocked out of there, having received an artifact, warriors, and so on as a reward. For example – the third level of the Alliance of Light campaign (Do not tempt the desperate).

3. In the difficulty settings, set a light AI, so as not to interfere, a fast growth rate and strong armies of neutrals. The number of resources – no difference.

4. “Castrate” the AI ​​opponent. Roughly speaking, to make sure that he could not interfere with you. For example, leave him only one city, or completely destroy, if this does not lead to the completion of the mission. He shouldn’t bother you.

5. Wait. Just wait. Lock your heroes in castles and forts and stupidly skip moves. Personally, I skipped for 2 years (24 months). This is necessary so that the armies of neutrals (including in the dungeons) grow to enormous sizes. 

6. Use the trainer to set the desired hero to non-human parameters (for FLiNG, this is the combination of Ctrl + Num1-Num 6) and the army (Num 8 and RMB for your squad during the battle). Without this, you simply cannot overcome such a crowd. Personally, I gave my Anton 650 of all parameters and scored all slots with 9999 crossbowmen squads. For convenience, you can also pump up skills, for example, an ambush on an initiative, etc..

7. Take the right weapon of the dynasty, go to the dungeon and defeat its inhabitants. With the help of a trainer, this is done in a couple of clicks and even without loss. At the exit, regardless of whether the weapon has any experience or you take it in your hands for the first time, it will have 7,000,000 experience and the desired level 5.

Yes, this method is not to say that it is very fast, but still faster than repeated passage of the entire game to pump just one weapon.

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