Miitopia: Video Game Overview

Each owner of Nintendo 3DS at least once – from curiosity – came to the “StreetPass MII”. There, among other mini-games there are SAVE MII, where funny avatars of real people are involved in the simple rescue of the princess. IN Miitopia This idea was crossed with a “avatar” life simulator Tomodachi Life and turned into the most real Japanese RPG in the spirit Dragon Quest.Miitopia game reviewSo your first personal meeting with Gabean Newell may take place.

If you have no mother-in-law ..

Now you can defeat the universal evil in the company of the best friend, the partner Destiny, wives, sisters and even dogs, if you can make her MI9. The main villain can be a hated boss, a successful buddy or receiving a teacher, and random heroes in local cities and palaces – members of the beloved hockey team or the very girls from your video collection 18+.

The story that happened in the country of myitopia, simple. Dark Lord (not the one of whom you thought) began to kidnap in residents and distribute them to monsters, and the company of valiant heroes went to his campaign. But since all the actors we appoint themselves – it turns out. If you have few friends on the console, you can create new MIIs right along the action or use the proposed characters, among which are full of celebrities, real and not very. I organized a love triangle, where brave, but helpless Satur of Iwat fought with a cowardly and false Reggie Fils-Aim for Love Princess Midna, Daughters of Tolstoy King Gaben.

The plot in the comedy, where the actors you set themselves, – the third is the case, Miitopia takes primarily the fact that the people familiar to us are in funny situations. And still perform atypical roles for JRPG.

Cathers and flowers

Saving some familiar elements of the genre, creators (and this is one of the internal studios for Japanese “rolls” Nintendo) Mixed great. In addition to standard professions such as warrior, Magic and the Hero’s thief, you can make a cat, pop star or flower. True, each class will always be a combat or magical, attacker or supporting, so the balance in battles is performed quite classic. But it is much more interesting when the main “tank” in the team – with soft legs and sharp curls.Miitopia game reviewProfessions in Miitopia: everything is very non-serious.
Mandatory in the JRPG “Old School” Bravada of Patos Dialogs changed numerous jokes in the spirit of the series “Friends”. Knowledge of English Here, of course, it is necessary, because the sharpness is very good, especially if they are somehow attached with the behavior of a real person, on the basis of which MII was created. Dialogues and scenes will gradually begin to repeat, but before that, good tens of hours will pass.

In battles with monsters, our fantastic four acts in turn. But you can only manage the main character. To help the rest they give out … Salon. They fill the glasses of life or magic, resurrect the killed and give status “Buffes”. To the credibility of the AI, the uncontrolled part of the team acts quite logically: uses different abilities, time to be treated and covering comrades. Periodically there are moments of inconsistency, for example, when the heroine eats the attending banana, instead of waiting for her a priest (the attending magician), but in general, if you do not have a point about the total control over the party, there will be no problems.

Repetition – Mother of Mother

Traveling around the world, we are also not quite usual. Any location is a small level of five minutes, and our Vataga is on him independently. The player sometimes chooses where to roll, which lever click and check whether those suspicious rustling bushes. And at the end of each segment is waiting for the hotel where you can restore the forces. The global map and the traditional “flying ship” will also be here, but not immediately and not at all like you are accustomed to.Miitopia game reviewAfter hundreds of passages along the levels you will think the same as my MII ..
With all restrictions and simplifications Miitopia Reminds the mobile game: it is very convenient to approach it for a while, after a week break, you can not remember the combinations of characteristics and equipment, the narrative looming in the background does not force in its intricate. At the same time, at the expense of the microstructure, we simply provoke us to long-term sites – you promise: “Here is another fork, and throw it,” you bind on an interesting “boss” or a new quest and in the end you find that for one closed hour and a half.

Can happen and vice versa. After numerous walks on similar paths with pretty simple battles and repetitions of scenes will be boring. IN Nintendo Excellent understood this weakness and provided for, for example, the acceleration button, and also tried to how much it is possible for the “casual” and almost immutable RPG, diversify the events that happen to heroes. Our MII will be divided, kidnap and send to the hospital bed – clearly in order to not want to postpone 3DS to the side.

Between raw and chainsaw

Episodes in the hotel are still pulling on a separate story – it is here that we set up not only the parameters of the characters, but also their relationship. After settling in one number of the characters – no, does not make the third, fans Fire Emblem, – Get used to each other and gradually “pumps” the level of reciprocity. And if a bare partner is barely familiar, it may except to enhance the attack of a friend, then old friends are able to attack together with a doubled or tripled force and revenge the villains for the killed connectors.Miitopia game reviewSometimes heroes can quarrel – then they will interfere with each other in battles.
In hotel cafes, our MIIs can be tasty to eat – and food must be brought with them, having previously collected with monsters. The dishes here are more than any gourmet can imagine – from the burger from the minotaur and Gorilla Protein to the magical elven drugs. Each delicacy improves certain parameters. In addition, the savors of myitopia – terrible quits and love not all. Spell a cat hated stew – and the effect of it will be much weaker than from the beloved snow milk.

Finally, it is in the interruptions between the battles we buy a team new gear. Rather, strong and independent avatars do it themselves, and you only need to distribute budgets accumulated on the battlefield and research. True, get the necessary thing at MII is not always obtained – sometimes they return with the bunch of already mentioned bananas. But at least bring.

Even in every hotel you can play two mini games: roulette and “stone, scissors, paper”. The first allows you to get the same treasures and crumpled chainsaws without any money, and the second – these are the most coins. Other additional entertainment will meet already on the way – they are also simple and allow you to deal with “Lutom”.

“Without friends I’m a little bit, and with friends – a lot”

The journey in search of people came out decent even by the standards of the genre – to just run to Happy Ento, without having studied each track, it will take more than 30 hours. Therefore, very impressions will depend on your creativity and socialization. Theoretically new heroes can be obtained even through StreetPass, that’s just in our capital to meet the holder of the console.Miitopia game reviewAs it should be, there is a besting, a bunch of “achive”, and another special button for screenshots.
It is clear that there are no special delights from simple fun, and even on 3ds, you do not have to wait, but Miitopia Made very hard. Textures of some objects and monsters will not be given in the prettyness of some Kirby, In battles and at levels there is a very pleasant effect of volume, and the soundtrack here is such that at least publish separately and run on children’s matinees. And although the mark with the game is the mark of “from 18 years old”, and the Russian translation was not delivered, the adventures of avatars can be offered to younger sisters and children and children here everything is clear without words.***
We are accustomed to Japanese RPG – Pretty Hardcore. It is necessary to configure the gambits, pair Pokemon, to “pump out” and watch the screensavers about heroic accomplishments. Nothing like this Miitopia no, and it is beautiful. For those who have already managed to play all serious “roles” and wants something easier, this is the perfect option. If your tastes are not so specific, then the journey may seem monotonous and shallow. This, of course, is true, but from AAA projects, too, it is necessary to rest, and best in a relaxed setting – with a friend, Ozzy Osborne and a low guy named Putin.

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