Minecraft: Tip (Sand & Tablet Trap)

Pros – you can build at the beginning of the game, 100% works (if activated), you can collect the entire drop (if you put funnels), very unexpected, works on PE and regular minecraft.
cons-works ONLY with players and ender men, quite difficult to build, you need a LOT of wood.
1-make a pit

(it is better to make it deeper or put cacti)
2-place any expensive block on the 2nd block from the surface, in the center

height = “376” />

Then we put plates on our precious block (no matter how important it is that everyone “moves away” from the block)

Then we cover the plates with sand or gravel

What would happen like this:

and of course we put the 2nd block (which would be more noticeable)
here is a video on construction-

P.S. I came up with a trap myself.

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