Minecraft: Tip (Sand & Tablet Trap)

Pros – you can build at the beginning of the game, 100% works (if activated), you can collect the entire drop (if you put funnels), very unexpected, works on PE and regular minecraft.
cons-works ONLY with players and ender men, quite difficult to build, you need a LOT of wood.
1-make a pit

(it is better to make it deeper or put cacti)
2-place any expensive block on the 2nd block from the surface, in the center

height = “376” />

Then we put plates on our precious block (no matter how important it is that everyone “moves away” from the block)

Minecraft: Tip (Sand & Tablet Trap)

Then we cover the plates with sand or gravel

What would happen like this:

and of course we put the 2nd block (which would be more noticeable)
here is a video on construction-

P.S. I came up with a trap myself.

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