Minecraft: Tip (simple trap)

Minecraft: Tip (simple trap)

1) 4 sticky pistons
2) 1 redstone
3) 8 fences
4) 1 pressure plate
5) 1 cobblestone

1. Dig such a hole
screen pix.playground.ru/1187916/43168/547425/

2. We put the pistons and carry out the redstone
screen pix.playground.ru/1187916/43168/547427/

3. We put fences and cobblestones on the redstone
screen pix.playground.ru/1187916/43168/547428/

4. Install the pressure plate
screen pix.playground.ru/1187916/43168/547429/

5. Checking 🙂
screen pix.playground.ru/1187916/43168/547430/

All the trap is ready !!!

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