Mitigation grateful to the community

Mitigation grateful to the community
Collection of funds on the post-apocalyptic game of the former designer and the screenwriter Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Brian Mitsoda (Brian Mitsoda) completed. Through Kickstarter for the needs of the development Dead State Listed 332 thousand dollars with cents. What is more than twice the requests of the developer.

Of course, he is glad. And even almost happy. Brian and his team have already noted the wonderful ending of the collection of a modest intra-home banquet, where the main toasts sounded in honor of the magnificent community of future users of the game.

Thanks to the assembled funds in Dead State New locations, characters, upgrades, zombies and animals will appear. That’s just not clear when the game comes out. We continue to hope that this year. For it would be time already – almost four years in the development.

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