Many Parkour in the Fresh Dying Light 2 Trailer

Many Parkour in the Fresh Dying Light 2 Trailer

The first thing on the GamesCom-presentation Xbox showed a gameplay trailer Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Dedicated to Parkour. However, there was a place there and passages from in-game rollers.

According to developers, acrobatic frills will be twice as much as in the original. To create them, we needed several thousand animations, work with professional traineers and capture movements David Belya (David Belle) whose face you will see in the game.

So, the main character will be able to use a cat-cat and paraglid. They will be useful not only for peace research, but also in battle, where bumps will also be useful.

DYING LIGHT 2 Easons on December 7 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Pre-ordered open.

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