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After passing demo Monster Hunter Rise
Waiting for the full version was painful, but it is already behind. The game came out and turned out to be exactly what fans hoped for, – a magnificent continuation of the series with new ideas, in the root changing approach to battles. True, there is one drawback, which is clearly planted to correct further, but which prevents the game to give the game “Our Choice” medal in the current state.

Without husk

In 2018 Monster Hunter: World did a little revolution in the series. The usual elements that winking from one game to another have undergone a total alteration. Maps were big locations without loads, the fireflies pointed out the road to monsters or their traces, the fauna began to behave even more realistic – everything is not counting. Rise takes all the best World, ruthlessly discarding superfluous, and makes a few more steps forward – it is difficult to imagine how the following parts of the series will cost without innovations.

The most important thing is breturating, a couple of which is always available on the hunt (they are quite quickly restored after use), and the third can be found during the study. With them, the process of movement on the map is noticeably accelerated, as you can shoot a brew at any time and take a jump forward or up. You do not need to go around a low wall or look for a place where you can boil around it, “shoot up once, run on the wall, bounce, shoot even higher and climb where it is necessary.

Simply and easily.

Similarly, you can jump from one damp to another if there is a rather big distance between them. Here Rise does not cease to surprise the absence of invisible walls inside the location – if you want to climb somewhere, one way or another it will be possible. At the same time will find there any resource or a precious subject. Either stumble upon one of the representatives of the fauna, which gives bonuses to the end of the mission or for a few minutes. There are a lot of them here – and stamina increases, and protection. If you are freezing, you can think over the most successful way for each region to come to the monster with maximum bonuses.

Essence Monster Hunter Not changed – this is a game in which you hunting monsters to collect materials from them and create a new equipment. Here the process has been simplified compared to World – More searches for traces, research and green fireflies. When for the first time you appear in the new location, the mini-card is covered by the “fog of war”, and the unprecedented kills are marked with questionnaires. That is, you know where they are, but which of them are needed – no. Nothing prevents from the monster if you have no complaints about it, and look for a faithful goal, but there is one trick – about it just below.

Monster Hunter Rise: Overview

It is time to pour.

Spiderman with arms

Bretuches open up new opportunities not only in the study, but also in battle. The most interesting is related to the fact that now, if the boss poured you to the ground, you can not wait for the character with difficulty. It is better to click on the Zr and B buttons, and with the help of the breteus, the hero will instantly jump away from the enemy, and it will automatically remove the weapon to the sheath – it will be possible to drink a potion immediately. Noticeable that in Rise Monsters who occurred in the series were previously more active and behave aggressively – this is exactly due to the advent of the mechanic described.

In such situations, this mechanic saves.

Another innovation allows you to use special attacks with breutments, unique for each of the 14 types of weapons. If you wander the opponent several times with these techniques (or to make attacks from above, jumping from small hollys), the monster will weaken and allow themselves to settle. You can ride it throughout the map, as well as run up to other monsters and fight them using weak and strong attacks. Caused the enemy enough damage – it’s time to activate a peculiar “ulta”, which poured the opponent.

It is to blame that such a bad!

First, it’s a terribly fun process, not annoying even fifty times. Secondly, beat a huge tail or throw “Fireballs” – this is not a pathetic sword to swing, and in such skirmishes, monsters begin to fall off claws, teeth, scales and other materials. This is the point mentioned above – when I want to “pofarmit” a separate monster, I do not immediately fight him, and seeking another creature, I subordinate to himself and I will literally knock out resources from the present purpose. So much more efficiently, and after that you can think about cut off the tail and other details.

It happens that monsters themselves begin to boot with each other, having ever met, and this is an even more interesting spectacle. One dubbing of another, he answers, one of them loses its balance – the player can jump on a weakening creature and help him defeat. In such situations, the spirit of what is happened, the earth is covered with resources, and you yourself are trying to get a maximum of what happened, running from one being to another.

On one ride – you can transplane.

Breutments at the same time and make the game more accessible to the audience, still not familiar with the series, and allow the pros to show the highest class in fights. This is one of the reasons why in World may be difficult to come back after Rise, – The new part is noticeably more dynamic. This is obvious when meeting with some new monsters, like Bysyatean, who is coming from side to the side and tries to throw a player with fruit. What to say about Magnamalo, in a fight with whom the rebound will have to be rebound and not two.

Honey once

The gap between the start of the mission of the Ivstrech was shorter – first, due to the lack of need to track, and secondly, due to the smaller card size. They are not so confusing, and in terms of verticality easier, although far from flat. Plus, in some corners of the cards there is an opportunity to erase and fly away for a long distance.

Helps and Salat – a new companion, accompanying the hero during the collections. If earlier the side of the side with the hunter was only a cat cock, now the dog lovers will delight – the faithful dog is actively fighting, and also serves as a vehicle. Got on it – and you can go to the next point, along the way, drinking potions, eating soldering to increase endurance and collecting resources on the way, not peeling from Palamut. Climbing the lianam and jumping the creature too. In addition, armor and weapons will now have to create not only for a cat, but also for the dog.

Monster Hunter Rise: Overview

There is nothing better than beating a monster with a sword made of his own parts.

As a result of gameplay Rise it becomes almost the best in the series, he delays and does not let go into any. You quickly find a goal, quickly collect resources (you can now get the ore and bone with one click), you can quickly go, you go back to the village and immediately take the following task. Quests are clearly divided into solitary and joint. The first serve as a kind of preparation – there are not so live monsters. But the multiplayer tasks can be performed alone if desired – the complexity varies depending on the number of players. Together, as you know, more fun (good online here is made humanly), but sometimes I want to do everything yourself.

You can better

Those who for some reason playing in Monster Hunter For the sake of the plot, they will be disappointed – he is very sketchy here. You are a monsters hunter, you hoped the whole village of Kamura, you must defeat the monsters and save the inhabitants. There are no videos, a close acquaintance with heroes, and the ending will add later later. But really someone really was interesting to follow the story in Monster Hunter: World And he will miss the plot?

Monster Hunter Rise: Overview

All monsters assembly.

What really has problems here, so it’s with Edgeim. In essence, the main entertainment after the passage of all missions is “Farm” tasks for “Buy”. This is a kind of Tower Defense, where you defend the hardening from the flock of monsters trying to break through the gate. It is necessary to place hunting installations like a ballylter and cannons – some shoot on targets automatically, the operator needs for others. The better you appear within the mission, there is higher levels of hardening, and this opens up access to new features – more powerful installations, the call of strong soldiers of Kamura and T. D.

It is funny entertainment, but over time it is fascinating less. For participation, you get unique materials, allowing you to maximize the weapon, but I want something more normally – even the desire to sweat the equipment does not save from the same way. Fortunately, Capcom Plans to support the game updates – new quests, monsters and other content will be available for free. But even without a normal endgame there is something to do for several tens of hours.

Monster Hunter Rise: Overview


The most amazing thing is that when describing the game, you do not have to make a discount on exclusivity for SWITCH. About what is going Rise on not the most powerful hybrid console, forget very quickly. Monsters are great animated, the locations are large enough, living creatures will join here, then there and sometimes joins the fights. Of course, the regions are not so flying here as in World, But in a sense, it is even good that nothing distracts from the most important thing – from a fight with huge creatures. Personnel frequency stable, dynamic resolution does not cut eyes, so the immersion does not interfere. And the music here is better and epicer than in World.

Monster Hunter Rise split (already divided!) Players for two camps: Some will be bored in beauties World and ignore the novelty, others are more concerned about the gameplay, which is largely better here. The game is where to grow, but now it is an amazing start of the next chapter in history Monster Hunter. There are enough innovations for “old old”, and for the new public trying to understand the Phenomenon of Monthana. Not just one of the best games for Nintendo Switch, and a potential candidate for the year of the year, especially if the upcoming updates are essential.

Pros: who loved many of the formula from which was unnecessary, adding interesting innovations;Increased dynamics in the study of locations and battles (thanks to breutments and Palamut);ride on monsters and fighting with other monsters does not bother;An even more affordable entry point for beginners, remaining quite difficult for veterans of the series;excellent design of new monsters;impressive graphics and a decent optimization on the switch;more convenient than in World, Multiplayer.

Minuses: Not the most exciting endgiem;lovers of exciting plots there is nothing to do here.

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