Monstrum: Tip (Where to find items)

Every time you click on the “new game” icon you appear on the same ship, but in a different place. Corridors, rooms, items and the place where the monster spawns will change. But some places will remain where they were. For example: a helicopter pad. There are three ways to leave the ship, but it’s not that simple. They need certain items. So where to find them? Helicopter keys can often be found in the cockpit and adjacent team rooms. Chains or fuel in technical compartments and containers. Look for chains and wire cutters in the mechanic’s closets (not a typo), and lanterns and household equipment in sailors’ cabins. But still they may not be there. Since things are randomized therefore no full guarantee that running to the other end of the map, opening the mechanic’s closet there will be a welding machine.

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