More Affordable Beyond Good & Evil

One of the games we are ready to talk for hours, dreamily eating and ahai, a launching male nostalgic tear, this is definitely, Beyond Good & Evil. Childish bright, fabulous Advenchur instantly tying friendship with the soul and in the blink of an eye settles in the head in the form of bright and juicy memories. Who would have thought that photographing rare animals and, after receiving the pearls for their photos, it will be no less exciting than to free the galaxies from the evil monstrous interventory with the help of Schotgan.

Exhibition Unidays gave an excellent reason to talk about the sequel Beyond Good & Evil 2. As declared Yves Zhilimme, The second story about the adventures of the courageous journalist Jade will become more affordable, siren, more casual-oriented:

We think that the game may have been too complicated for most gamers. We are going to make it more affordable and ensure that it is done valid for the next generation, which came to video games“.

It is difficult to say that the French have conceived. I remember that the original Beyond Good & Evil was a game by no means tooth. The whole combat system rotated around one mouse button – click on it, and Jade already writes the pirouettes herself and distributes Lulley. Sometimes, during the fulfillment of missions it was necessary to think about the head, the challenges came across, but they, again, did not differ in some kind of blatant demanding to the intellectual level of players. The only mission that caused the complexity from the author of these lines, if he does not change the memory, and he does not confuse it with “Mafia”(I remember that such a task is also a difficult obstinate obstacle), this is a racing mission.

Well, let’s see how easy it is Beyond Good & Evil 2 Developers. In any case, the complexity in the progenitor was not the main thing, far from the main advantage.

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