Sea legend returns – pirates again in the ranks

Sea legend returns – pirates again in the ranks
Company “Akella“And studio”AlexUSB & Co»Report that at the moment there is a refinement and testing of the new update to Add-ON”Return of marine legend“To the game”Pirates of the Caribbean“.

Among the innovations of the version you can call a qualitatively new RPG system, known as s.P.E.FROM.AND.BUT.L. – Now each character is endowed with family characteristics and 14 skills, thanks to which it can be found as a charming merchant or severe warriors. Accordingly, the system of thresholds of pumping skills, life and ranks will be changed. In addition, the update will introduce a new English line of quests based on the real historical events of the mid-17th century.

The release of the new version of the “return of the marine legend” is appointed for the middle-end of October.

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