Muslim Protection Group Calculate Plateformers Boycott Six Days In Fallujah

Tactical shooter Six Days in Fallujah It is going to speak out to a sore theme for Americans and Arabs – talking about the fool in the Iraqi city of Fallucza, where, according to some calculations, about 800 civil and 100 soldiers from the USA and the United Kingdom.

The largest American Muslims Protection Group Cair called on boycott Six Days in Fallujah. The organization calls the game “Simulator of the Killing Arabs”, which exalted events with the death of hundreds of civilian, justifies the illegal invasion of Iraq and strengthens Islamophobic sentiment.

As Cair reminds, the battle in Fallold is regularly called a monstrous step by the US Army – in particular, due to the use of White Phosphorus, after which many children in the city were born with deviations.

CAIR Research Coordinator and Advocation Huzaif Shabaz (Huzaifa Shahbaz) spoke like this:

The gaming industry needs to stop dehumanize Muslims. Video games like Six Days in Fallujah Make only one thing – they glorify the violence that the life of hundreds of peaceful Iraqis took, justify the war in Iraq and strengthen the antimuslim moods during the times when blind antimuslim fanaticism continues to threaten the lives of people.

Cair called Microsoft, Sony And Valve Do not provide a platform for distribution Six Days in Fallujah. The company has not yet given comments.

Release Six Days in Fallujah Must take place during the 2021th on PC (Steam) and Unnamed Consoles.

Cair Is Asking @valvesoftware, @microsoft, and @sony to refuse to distribute #SixDaysinfallujah, An Upcoming Tactical FPS Based on the Second Battle of Fallujah, One of the Bloodiest Battles of the #iraq War. @pcgamer @andychalk #GameDev #GamingCommunityHtttps: // T.CO / JNHSSAIBMG

– Cair National (@Cairnational) April 8, 2021

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