On Diablo 3 series does not end

On Diablo 3 series does not end
Chief designer Diablo 3, Jay Wilson, In an interview with MTV Multiplayer spoke in favor of this Action-RPG – still the last return Blizzard To the popular universe: “We are not talking about the end of the universe Diablo [together with Diablo 3] but we are trying to complete this story. It’s not only Diablo 3 – We have plans ahead“.

An interesting statement that will probably like the fans. It is very likely that Mr. Wilson hints at the addon, which will put all the points over I. Maybe there will be a game in the same setting, but other circumstances.

Also, Jay added very positive information: “We also tried to emphasize the introduction of familiar characters, not only from Diablo 2, But from Diablo. People can expect to see the heroes from Diablo, more out Diablo 2 and some books“.

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