Need For Speed: Most Wanted: Tips And Tactics

If you do not want to lose your money and one fine on your car or lose a free exit from prison, then we do the following.
When you grasped garbage you are in the area. You are offered to pay a fine or exit tagged, such as nothing (you can get after passing one of the opponents from a black list, there will be two labels with a symbol of the question, and suddenly lucky and you will get it). Choose any of the options (it does not matter) and after you get into your garage. We go out in the game download menu and load your last game. You have money in place and free from the police. Keep drive where you want but there is a little lane. If you have the last preservation was in high waninginess, and you lowered it (repainting, changing vinyl, spoiler and t.D.), then after loading the last retainer, you will return this level of waning. The most interesting. When you drive from the garbage and you still broke away from them, then the authority in front of the black list is maintained automatically and after carrying out the above operation you have credibility.

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