Need For Speed: Most Wanted: Tips And Tactics

To pass the game 100% little to defeat everyone in the black list you need to be the most cool in the eyes of the police riders. Here they wrote a lot how to earn a reputation, believe me on the word, at the end of your career it will be nowhere to you, before checking from Razor I had it about 32 million. And the secret is simple, it is not enough to go through all the races and persecution. You need to be the best in persecution, say some spikes need to go around for one check-in more than 30 pieces (you will be steeper Razor on spikes) or for the entire game to collect 500 violations (steeper JV), when for one pursuitThey are given to 8. Look your status in the police in the “accusations” in the “Rating” tab there is still before (!!!) Check from Razor You should stand in the first places everywhere as in a single pursuit and the whole game as a whole, have 400.000 bucks and the whole “series of contests”. After you win Razor, take the BMW, you will leave the cops, the “fast race” will appear in the main menu of the game, and there are more than 130 races and on all you have to improve your result received in your career. My garage contains all prizes and my careers passed 100%.

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