Need for Speed: Rivals: Tip (Hack ArtMoney)

Install the program itself first…

While working, just minimize the game Alt + Tab !!!!!!! Do not in any way close it!!!!!!

2 windows will be displayed! The first one CLOSE, we don’t need it!

Step 1: choosing a game

Step 2: Write down the amount of money available at the moment in the selected game (“search” button)

After you have written everything down, press the “ok” button

Step 3: change the amount of money, in any way! Then click the “Filter” button and write down the new amount…

Click “ok” after the operation

Step 4: “Drive in the right amount”

After “Filtering” you will see something like this

Click on the “blue arrow” and get:

Now, just in the right column, in all “4-byte” values ​​(ONLY IN SUCH, OTHERWISE WILL NOT HAVE ANYTHING), write the required amount (I was just lucky that I got 1 value), for example the classic 99999999 and press “Enter” … looks like this:

After all this, you just need to close the program and “deploy the game” … It may not immediately show that you have 99999999 money! Therefore, do not despair! Oh yes! Doesn’t work in online games like WarFace and World of tanks!

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