Netflix considers Fortnite with its main competitor

Netflix considers Fortnite with its main competitor
Major film companies are increasingly hardened their venues for movies and serials. It would seem that, Netflix Such competitors must bother: the company lost 20% of its content last year, because NBC Universal And Disney withdrawn licenses for their own services, writes Game Informer. However, in fact Netflix More worried about O Fortnite.

Netflix published a fresh report for shareholders. The company stated that he considers his main competitor Fortnite, but not HBO. The latter releases serial monsters of rolling like “The game of thrones” And “Wild West World”. Furthermore, Netflix Recognizes that quite often inferior Fortnite in battle for user attention.

As Game Informer adds, Netflix has at the moment 139 million subscribers, and Fortnite – 200 million registered users. But if you compare the active audience, the alignment will change: in Fortnite Every month about 80 million people enter, and in NetFlix – 100 million people.

Only in Fortnite, He believes the author of Game Informer, the people are returned to: people are well represented, what “expirers” are waiting for them in the game, whereas in Netflix you can poke into a random film and stay disappointed.

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