Neverend: Advice (Armoney + get rich and immortality)

It’s a pity, but Neverend doesn’t have a single code or trainer. But there is another way to get rich or become immortal, this can be done with the help of the artmoney program. And now from this moment in more detail. Turn on the game and then the artmoney program, in the “select process” column, select the game and then click “search”, enter your gold values ​​there (how much money you need to write there), then click “ok”, it will find many values, then through the buttons “alt + tab” go to the game and spend a little of your gold so that the sum becomes less and again go to artmoney and select the value “weed out” and enter the amount that you have left after you spent gold and press “ok” and until then until you have two or one value left. After that, add a value and right-click on it and “change” and enter the amount that you need, we do the same with lives. ATTENTION FOR GOLD IT IS NECESSARY TO CHOOSE TYPE IN “SEARCH” WILL BE THE STROPHE “TYPE” FOR GOLD 2 AND 4, FOR LIVES 2,4 AND 8. :::::::::::::::: ATTENTION PROG DOES NOT WORK ONLINE GAME :: ::::::::: THANK YOU FOR ATTENTION ::::::::::::::

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