New Concept Art And Details Star Wars: Battlefront

If you do not bring memory, then Star Wars: Battlefront There were no official news as many as E3 2014, where DICE showed the first shots from the game. But the information blockade seems to be slowly starting to subscribe. In a recent conversation with journalists, the main designer of the shooter Niklas Fegrus (Niklas FEGRAEUS) revealed some details about combat locations, and also told, which should be expected to be expected to fans of “Star Wars”.

“The size of the cards will vary greatly depending on the location – explained Foregnus In an IGN interview and, the extensive snow plains of the planets although the geography of which is very different from the endora with its impassable forests. – Maps were originally created taking into account certain modes, so we have not only a variety of landscapes, but also a gameplay that allows you to participate in the most memorable batabons Star Wars “.
To achieve an unprecedented level of detail DICE Specially designed the so-called photogrammetry systems that allow you to use real photos when building a three-dimensional environment in the game. This algorithm has successfully proven itself in THE VANISHING OF ETHAN CARTER, which were presented to award for the best visual execution in several prestigious premiums.

“Perhaps the hardest at the return of the franchise is to justify expectations – continued Foregnus. – Star Wars fans, including us, belong to the Universe with a special trepidation. Each of us has their own preferences. But thanks to talented specialists DICE, FrostBite technologies and excellent working relationships with LUCAS, I believe that we can create a decent game on Star Wars, which will surprise the fans around the world and will allow them to participate in the battles that will unfold in the legendary places of this universe “.

First public demonstration Star Wars: Battlefront Spring is expected.

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