New God Of War – One Of The Best Generation Games, Argue Journalists

Simple mortals will have to wait for the exit God of War Another week, but the press representatives already got the precious circus, passed the game and published their reviews. And judging by the content of these articles, critics did not remain disappointed.

Now the Action-Adventurchra Rating on Metacritic is an impressive 94 points. Journalists will not bother with enthusiastic epitles and assure that everything is done in the game well: a combat system – surprisingly deep and interesting, graphics – almost the best among modern games, the plot is dramatic, the scene – epic. And how much the development developers turned briefs from the caricature psycho with her blood with her eyes in a living person, generally deserves applause.

With a huddle reviews, everything is clear – let’s see what the reviewers think that there are no seven masterpieces in the week. Fortunately, even the most restrained reviews inspire optimism – no one calls God of War failure. However, their spots on this sun were still found. First of all, some authors are tuned on the plot, long gaining momentum. In addition, the game allegedly too diligently follows modern trends: there is a half-open world in it, and the pumped, and customization – everything except your own ideas.

These are the estimates with a new chapter from the life of the brief Western critics:

• VG247 – “One of the best games generation”,
• Game Informer – 9.8/10,
• Polygon – 10/10,
• Destructoid – 10/10,
• Metro – 9/10,
• Gamesradar + – 5/5,
• IGN – 10/10,
• EGM – 9.5/10,
• GamesBeat – 90/100,
• GameSpot – 9/10,
• US Gamer- 5/5,
• Slant store – 4.5/5,
• EUROGAMER – “Recommended”,
• Guardian – 5/5,
• Push Square – 10/10,
• Stevivor – 8/10,
• Telegraph – 5/5,
• Hobby Consolas – 96/100,
• EVERYEYE.IT – 9.5/10.

Release God of War On PlayStation 4 is scheduled for April 20. Bold!

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