News From The Elder Scrolls: Single Campaign For Legends And No Restrictions For Online

Bethesda Softworks closely monitors the favorite fantasy series The Elder Scrolls. And this year, the fans of “scrolls” have several reasons at once for joy.

Firstly, Skyrim, As you already know, it will appear on the recent generation platforms. And secondly, users of card spin-offs will be able to plunge into plot THE ELDER SCROLLS: Legends.

During the presentation in honor of the exhibition E3 2016, the developers confirmed that in THE ELDER SCROLLS: Legends really will be single mode. And the proof demonstrated a small cinematic accession to the game, designed to immerse us in the history of the card strategy with the heroes of the popular Universe.

Ohland Bethesda reported that from April in the closed “Bethe” THE ELDER SCROLLS: Legends, Full-starting this year, will be released not only on iPad and PC, but also other mobile devices based on iOS (including iPhone, Mac) and Android.

As for the already stuffed cone a role-playing multiplayer THE ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE, That is this autumn Zenimax Online Studios Plans to arrange a big-scale update game, which will give users unprecedented freedom.

As a result of updating, MMO will lose any restrictions on the player tied at the level of the player. After that, all gamers are at least green newcomers, although experienced veterans – will be able to unite in groups without any problems and get into any part of Tamriel. So, according to developers, the only thing that experienced fighters from inexperienced will differ – this is the presence of better equipment, a large number of skills, champion glasses and access to the veteran regime of complexity in the dungeons.

Well, the video, apparently, is intended to remind everyone who has managed to forget for these two years as fascinating THE ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE.

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