Sony’s new shooter conquered E3

Sony’s new shooter conquered E3
First-person shooter Payday: The Heist Went from the now the deceased company Grin. Developers created a new studio Overkill and created a project that will spread through the network of digital distribution. At first, Visitors E3 did not even be taken seriously, some kind of downloaded FPS, but after several hours of the game were left under great impression.

According to Obustry, Payday: The Heist took the most successful ideas from the famous Left 4 Dead and transferred them to the world of hostages, gangsters and a huge amount of money. Well, since we were talking about a zombie shooter from Valve, it means to wait for us a cooperative regime for four people, you thought? Quite right. You can make sure that you can see the fresh trailer. Payday: The Heist will be released on PlayStation 3 and on PC.

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