Nvidia Answers Amd Complaints About Watch_dogs

Recent perturbation of the representative AMD by the fact that the cooperation of the creators Watch_dogs from NVIDIA supposedly harms the performance of drivers of competing companies, of course, could not pass by the last. As a result, the chief engineer volunteled to clarify the situation NVIDIA Jam Jebenoyan CEM CEBENOYAN.

First of all, the developer stressed, they say, any of the game-developers – Ubisoft Montreal Including – Never Forced to Use Gameworks Toolsset. Just in the early stages of the project of the guys from NVIDIA visit the studio and tell in detail the needlers than they can come in handy. The creative team then thinks, and in the case of the consent of both sides of the “Iron” specialists return to the week-other and make everything in their power to the game cool looked at PC. And without the rest exclusively on its own products.
Meanwhile AMD For some reason, I am convinced that it is harmful NVIDIA It is malicious forbidding developers in the future to distribute access to the finished game code, and this in turn makes it difficult to optimize the drivers and, accordingly, improving the quality of the gameplay on computers where video cards are installed AMD. Right here Jebenoyan becomes really funny.

According to the director of the Engineering Department for Technology Development NVIDIA, The company never prohibited anything to friends to friends-game. This is completely their product, which means, as they want, so let them manage. Not to mention the fact that, according to Jebenoyan, For successful optimization of drivers, this cherished source code is most often not required.

Finally the boss NVIDIA in open allowed Ubisoft free to contact the advice to specialists from AMD, If those, of course, have any real ideas about how to make Watch_dogs More beautiful on their equipment.

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