Nvidia At Gdc 2019: Quake Ii Ratrejsing, Rattensing On Gtx 1060, Rated In New Demo

On GDC 2019 Company NVIDIA I talked a lot about the ray trace. It is not surprising: the manufacturer of video cards is confident that raitrecinge will become a distinctive feature of the next generation games.

But the rays can add to the old games. You probably saw Q2VKPT – Amateur version QUAKE II With rated race. NVIDIA announced that she took Q2VKPT With the permission of the author and made the improved version – QUAKE II RTX.

According to the company, in QUAKE II RTX A bunch of new compared to Q2VKPT: controlled lighting, imitating the time of day, with accurate sunlight and indirect illumination;reflections on water and in glasses;Effects of particles and laser for weapons;SLI support;highly detailed models and textures from QUAKE 2 XP;Optional effects of fire, smoke and particles based on NVIDIA FLOW and much more.

QUAKE II RTX Based on NVIDIA VKRAY – Extension for the VULKAN API, which supports all RTX features and allows you to use them on platforms where Vulkan starts.

For now NVIDIA released only screenshots, video will be later. Snapshots in our gallery are ordered: first version with NVIDIA RTX, then – without it.

Among other news about rat racessing:

• NVIDIA stated that the ray tracing support Unreal Engine 4 (so far in the preliminary version of the engine) and UNITY (from April 4).

• With the April update of the drivers, the ray trace can be turned on on GeForce GTX 1060 6GB video cards and better – thanks DirectX Raytracing (DXR). But only the basic raying effects with low rays will work on GTX, so for the fullness of impressions (and good performance), the video card of the RTX series will still need.

• NVIDIA Showed two more demonstrations of ratencing effects. First – B Control, Second – in Korean MMO Dragonhound.

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