Alan Wake reminded

Alan Wake reminded
Community manager of fans of the coming promising project Alan Wake posted on the official forum of the game the message, allegedly written by the chief hero of the project, Alane Weikov (Alan Wake):

“The number of pages continues to grow every night. In addition, something new appears on old. The narration is becoming more aggressive. History rewriters herself. The main character is now called the same as me, and his wife – Ellis. Most of all I am worried about what the genre is changing. History turns into the most real horror. I can’t even be sure not only whether the hero will succeed, but whether he will survive at all. In addition to confused moments of bad dreams and depressive state, I can no longer remember anything after I wake up. But something happened to this morning. When I came to my senses, I felt the smell of her perfumes on my shirt. I am close. I know it. I have to continue moving forward. “.

Well, apparently, we are waiting for an exciting and very high-quality psychological thriller in the best traditions Silent Hill 2. When more detailed information appears until it is known. We hope that on GDC.

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