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As Petopolina Goloss says, advertising budgets of individual major AAA projects often turn out to be comparable to the cost of direct development of the game itself. But, apparently, differently in our time – without the “Haip” about the release of the next blockbuster, it is already difficult to imagine any major release. Unfortunately, not always expectations are justified, and an advertised potential masterpiece is only the shadow of their promises.

And it happens entirely on the contrary – somewhere on the backyards of the industry, a small studio works quietly, something develops there, I do not particularly advertise my efforts, but in the end releases a real masterpiece. OBServer from Bloover Team SA – just such a case.Observer game reviewFor a low exception, communication with residents at home occurs through locked doors.

“Beautiful” distant

2084th year. The future has come, but it turned out to be at all so rainbow, how did the science fiction. Poor became even poorer, rich – even richer. There was an official division of citizens to classes – higher and lower. Class C passport holders are forced to crawl into slums and interrupt meager earnings on hard work, finding consolation except in drugs and entertainment in virtual reality. But before the A-class citizens, all doors are open. The role of the state is no longer so important – as it relys in the genre of Cyberpank, the mega-corporation ruled by everything. More and more people use various augmentation: someone for the sake of improving the imperfect human body, and someone because of the need, for example, veterans of war coming somewhere in the East. But neither those nor others do not spare nanophag – an epidemic that affects those who use implants.

The main character, Daniel Lazarsky, – a private detective working on Chiron Corporation, which, in essence, owns everyone and everything in Poland 2084. He is not a simple detective – with the help of a special device, Daniel has the ability to connect to the consciousness of any person, which greatly facilitates the investigation of a particular case. However, such a lesson is not for everyone under the power: such travelers in the expanses of other intelligences are called observers and make very serious demands to them – few can not only withstand such a test by keeping the mind, but also to get the necessary information for the investigation.

This time, Lazarsky had purely family problems – his son, Adam, asks for help. Specific details are unclear, the phone call is interrupted, barely started, and Daniel goes to the poorest district of Krakow, from where a signal was received from. Events occurring in one of the homework homes class C will forever change its life.Observer game reviewNo, no, it’s not my video card lives the last minutes – we have just another journey to whose consciousness.

At the bottom

The film “Running on the blade” clearly had a great influence on the development OBServer. The game sometimes skillfully quotes the film, while not dropping to the banal copy. Especially well managed to convey the atmosphere of Neonouar, who was literally satisfied the film. Night city, rain, glowing neon signs, the proximity of luxury and poverty, high-tech equipment among garbage sinks … If you take Blade Runner’s entourage for the standard Cyberpunk, then the Polish developers will follow him. Details, like gorgeous furniture in apartments with shabby walls or huge displays everywhere, even in ridden toilets, catch a serious longing – cozy this future will definitely won’t call.

Not without retrofuturism and frank anachronism – LCD monitors are adjacent to cassette tape recorders and radio receivers, and neurointerfaces are not less than classic keyboards with huge keys.

Artists and designers deserve the most flattering words – attention to the trifles, the ability to withstand a single style and neat references to the classics of the genre allowed them to create such an atmosphere that the immersion in the game occurs literally from the first minutes. Fasten practically nothing – everything is in their places. Sound accompaniment only strengthens the effect: music, environmental noise, dialogues … The chic voice of the main character, whom he voiced Rutger Hauer (Rutger Hauer), in the end.

“Let me go, depth”

Daniel, as it believes the real detective of the 2084th year, stuffed with special devices for the same. He has a built-in night vision device, organic analyzer and equipment scanner. The latter allows you to detect various chips and fees, and indeed any working “iron”, including mechanical augmentation. Just press the button, and one of the three modes of view corresponding to each of the devices. Explore the crime scene with their help is much easier than the unarmed look, besides, you can immediately determine the belonging of organic material to this or another person or get the necessary data about some implant.Observer game reviewLuxurious chandelier in the wretched combined bathroom – far from the most strange whim of the local inhabitants.
But the main weapon of our detective is, of course, the opportunity to hack consciousness of suspects and study the thoughts and memories of a person “from the inside”. The very first hacking gives an unforgettable feeling – and if I have already managed to note the work of artists and designers, then every scene from the depths of someone else’s mind makes you think up new praise.

In the fantasy, they will not refuse to be responsible for this part of the game – But all these ideas still had to be adequately implemented in the game itself! And the developers it turned out: the study of the plexuses of someone’s fears, hopes and dreams captures not for a joke primarily due to level design. It is useless to tell about it: here, as they say, it is necessary to show, besides, in dynamics – static screenshots will not give all the beauties and horrors of someone else’s subconscious.

We are not just a set of frightening scenes filled into a bunch, as it seems at first glance. To understand all the cruciations of the plot, you have to closely monitor what is happening, to celebrate minor things like little things and try to remember everything that is related to the investigation. Considering sometimes a very insane design of locations, the task is not simple. No, of course, no one will be after entering the ordinary world to torment the main hero of riddles, the answers to which it was necessary to remember in advance. The player will always help prompts and instructions than exactly what to do – for this there is an investigation log. But here is just the case when I want to know everything to the smallest detail, and not only because there will be no further without it.

“Open, police!”

Despite the linear pass, Daniel can travel freely around the house. Apartments a lot, and sometimes you can chat with guests, although only through the intercom, which hangs on each entrance door, is for some reason the corporate police are not very trusted. In addition to similar conversations used to create the right entourage (with which they are perfectly coping with), there are also secondary tasks, which can be carried out in parallel with the main progress of the investigation. If you are not from the faint of heart, of course, for example, hacking one of the apartments and its study can give a lot of nervous minutes. And these strange sounds in one of the basement rooms … You definitely want to know what is hiding behind the door?

At all, OBServer knows how to scare. The authors of the game rarely use banal techniques like somehow suddenly appearing because of the angle of terrible creature (but still use). Fear catches the illogy and confusion of obvious thoughts that happens during the hacking – you never know what will happen next second.Observer game reviewI will not envy the main character – with constant immersions in other people’s thoughts it is easy to forget where reality, and where is the fiction.
Unfortunately, it is in the “bubbling” component game a couple of times slightly sends. It applies to those moments when the main character needs to run away from the monster, the meeting with which leads to death and sends us to the last point of saving. It seems to be anything like that, but when they are trying to hide from the tenth time from the tenth, not a terrible creature, no speech about any atmosphere. Fortunately, such episodes will meet only a couple of times, and you celebrate them only against the background of a high level of execution of everything else.***
Bloover Team SA managed to keep the quality bar, which she asked last year by the release Layers of Fear, And, perhaps, raised it noticeably above. You can still have long and colorfully describe all the advantages of the game, but here is exactly the case when it is better to familiarize yourself with OBServer, Even if you are not a fan of horror or cyberpank.

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